The Sun, the Moon, the Fire, the Sky, the Earth, the Air, the Rain, the Yama, the Indra, the Rudra, the Bramha – many such seen and unseen super powerful beings support us everyday! They have their own characteristics and power to carry out their duties. But, they all fall under the control of ONE supreme power, God. That same supreme power, God who is within us is also within all those super powerful beings.Our scriptures refer to those super powerful beings as Devathas. How exciting it is to know that the indwelling power for all beings is the same! Isn’t it?

Karthika deepamThis month, the month of Kartheekam also called Damodaramasam– we pray and seek support of Agni, one of such super powerful beings – Fire to bless us with the brilliance, (the thejas) for taking up good endeavours. We seek the blessings of the indwelling supreme power, God to shower His grace for the well-being of entire existence. We lit the deepam of right knowledge to get rid of ignorance within us.

Karthika deepam

How does one come out of darkness? By lighting a deepam, darkness automatically dispels. The presence of light itself is the cause for absence of darkness.
Similarly, true knowledge automatically pushes away ignorance. True knowledge is that which makes one an obedient towards God. It is one which makes one understand that God pervades and protects every being no matter if the being is a super powerful one or a completely powerless one.
The supreme power, God whom Vedic scriptures refer to as Narayana is always accompanied by the ever compassionate, Lakshmi Devi in His heart. It is the presence of her that makes Him compassionate.

The Divine Duo, Lakshmi Narayana is the one who is the source of power within Agni as well. That is why, we pray to the pair and lit the Deepam as an indication of this true knowledge.

Kartheeka Masam and the significance:

yagnamBali Chakravarthi is well-known for his daana gunam, the quality of ‘giving’. He was a rakshasa and was performing a Yajna to get the grace of Srimannarayana, the supreme power. The wisdom with which Bali performed the Yajna was so great that God himself came to the Yajna vatika! We cannot one cannot even dream of performing that Yajnam in such complete austerity! God took the form of Vamana and the physical activity of the Yajnam got interrupted. Vamana asked for three feet of land to Bali. HE wasn’t sure whether Bali would agree to give and, so he appeared in the form of a dwarf (shortness symbolised God’s doubt in Bali’s quality of ‘giving’). But Bali agrees to give the three feet of land.  God then got really pleased with Bali. Thus, he grew to the mightiest form, Trivikrama (mightiness symbolises the truly happy state of God). When God grew so big – his two feet covered the Earth and the rest of the existence. Bali bowed down and showed his head for the third foot of God, signifying Bali’s arrogance being controlled under the shade grace of God. The beautiful majestic form, Trivikrama mesmerised Bali to such an extent. God makes Bali the ruler of Rasathala and stays guard of that loka constantly accompanying Bali…!


Then, Bali asked God about the completion of Yajna that he had begun. The true result of any Yajna is the grace of God. God appeared in the form of Vamana and thus the Yajna result is achieved. However, God’s own words – the Vedam talks about ensuring that any Yajna began must be completed. Bali asked God for a boon to have his Yajnam complete through some means. God then replied, ‘If anyone lights a deepam for first 15 days of this month at their homes using the harathi offered to the deity, and repeats the same for next 15 days in a temple, then they will contribute to completing the Yajna you started. They will receive the benefit of completing the Yajna.’

Thus, from then on – everyone happily celebrates the entire kartheeka masam by lighting deepam both at their homes and in the temples! The activity done at home benefits themselves and their family, the activity performed at the temples benefit the society. This month is therefore a beautiful bridge between a home and a temple.

So… Remember the history of Bali, and remember that the indwelling divine duo in the agni of the deepamis Lakshmi Narayana!

let’s pray for the grace of God through the power of Agni to:

  • Give dharmic qualities for all rulers
  • Protect every being with good health and wealth
  • Guard the entire nature that supports the existence patiently
  • Bless the wise who carry the message of God

Let’s all pray -not with fear, but with Love!

Let’s all pray – not in grief, but in Love!

– From the discourse of Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swami

– Mangala Krutthika Deepotsavam, Vijayawada, 23rd November 2018

A prayer done for the well-being of everyone standing on the top of a hill which lies on the banks of a river amidst the presence of alwars and acharyas is said to give million times the benefit of what is done in usual circumstances. Such environment enriches and elevates ones’ heart to be much more selfless and lot more giving than in normal conditions. So, lets use this opportunity and pray to the core!

– Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Scriptures say, ‘pamper God like a mother pampers her little baby’! The goodness and greatness of God needs to be pampered within us to make us the true instruments in spreading the ultimate joy! So, let’s nourish the 2-year-old Sri Murthi of Vijaya Kiladri with loads of love every year through such wonderful celebrations!

– Sriman Krishnamacharyulu Garu, Nepal

We pray that Swamiji’s blessings reach the entire country, not just Vijayawada, not just the state Andra Pradesh!

– Sriman GokarajuGangarajuGaru, Chairman JET

The feeling that I experienced when I saw Venkateswara Swami in Thirupathi, that is exactly the same feeling I am experiencing now watching Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

 – Sriman Buddha Venkanna Garu

Swamiji’s words of wisdom and devotion are rooting peace in the hearts of lakhs of people. May Swamiji guide us this way like those glowing glares of light removing the arrogance from our hearts!

– Sriman Murali Krishnam RajuGaru

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