Hundreds of residents in Medak participated in a motorbike procession on the roads of Medak for a stretch of 2.5km to honour and welcome Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami. Ramalayam was the end point of the procession.

Rama means ‘raminchuvaadu’, one who pleases. The procession intended to gather everyone around the town of Medak and reach Rama to express the gratitude and love for Rama who has pleased and inspired many people from ages ago. In the hearts of many people today, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami is no less when it comes to paying attention to people’s problems, or dedicating life to serving needy, addressing the aspirants with right knowledge and more. And hence, Sri Swami was looked upon as the ‘walking Rama of today’ by the hearts of many people round the world.

People of Medak beautifully organised kolatam by men, women of different age groups as the procession went on.

Swamiji addressed the gathering by speaking about the glory of Rama, the upcoming RamanujaSahasrabdi,, and the mega event of ‘SahasraKundathmakaYagnam’. Swamiji also informed them that the original planned date of being in Medak has postponed but it meant that Swami could bring along with HIM the blessing of ThurmalaVenkanna and Badari Nara Narayana perumal to Medak. People were all happy to hear this and were thrilled to know about upcoming Sahasrabdi Celebrations at JIVA, Sri Ram Nagar, Hyderabad.

Madhusudanacharya Swami who lead the event and SrimanNarender and Archanaji who hosted Sri Swamiji were all happily busy during the entire event.

Little children from many schools such as Sishumandir listened keenly to Swami as he spoke about moral values that Rama is an inspiration for. Swami’s matchless teaching skills were evident as these kids paid complete attention to the discourse.

Telangana Deputy Speaker, Mrs JyothiDevendar Reddy and several local leaders and volunteers of BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad were also involved and enjoyed the presence of Swamiji and his valuable message.

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