What is the purpose of a doctor in society? Here are a few responses from the audience (new joiners and their parents in JIMS, Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services – The Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital):

  • To treat the diseases
  • To find new medicines for diseases
  • To serve the suffering with no expectation
  • Live in luxury earning loads of money and keep treating the unhealthy people
  • Become famous by treating sick people

The primary purpose of a doctor should be to eliminate the need of a medicine in the society.

Not only doctors, every hospital and pharmacy should work towards taking steps for making a human being develop strength to become highly immune and/or fight any disease by himself rather than just treating the diseases.

Once you all understand the above purpose and firmly stand on it with strong will throughout the journey, there is one additional key aspect to focus on. Learning about not just the body, but the human being. What is the human being made of, is it just the limbs, blood, joints, nerves etc, or is it sensory organs, or is it also intellectual quotient of the brain or is it what one calls soul (the I), and how does this soul operate – is he/she independent or controlled by some other factors etc. Unless you develop an understanding of the human being in this holistic way, your treatment does not reach the root cause. Homeopathy system gives you that opportunity! Focus and truly learn this and become good doctors. Aim to see lesser and lesser sickness in your lifetime, not provide just more and more medicines alone for the temporary relief!

We appreciate parents’ choice for opting JIMS for their child. He added, ‘Jasmine attracts people towards it not because it has a marketing team, but because of its natural fragrance. Similarly, JIMS has the fragrance of great infrastructure, the labs, the intelligent founder, generous good hearts, and above all – grace of God for promoting good health as JIMS doctors. After 4 and half years of study, the JIMS hospital allows the students to deal with patients and start helping them improve their immunity through inexpensive, sweet medicines – the homeopathic pills. We hope you all will remain strong-willed and take these aspects with you throughout your journey here. Wishing you all our very best and mangalasasanams!

-From the address of Swamiji at JIMS, 27th October 2018

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