Divya Saketham hosts Neerattotsavam, a beautiful prakriya celebrating Goda Devi’s union with Sri Krushna.

Everyone is equally knowledgeable, however the difference lies in the number of unnecessary layers of thoughts that cover up ones knowledge!

Goda Devi shows how to cleanse oneself in a very structured way! Learning to lead ones life according to her teachings can elevate us to experience the beautiful abode of God.

The decisions she took or her thought process was driven by only one thing – Love for God. It is said that Swans, Hamsas visited Sri Villiputtur (Goda Devi’s place of residence) to learn how to walk!! Our acharyas say that Goda Devi is a teacher on life lessons for even acharyas, parama hamsas like Ramanujacharya!

Her understanding, her belief, her strength, her wish and her Love for God was so strong that He came to her! Celebrating her Union with God is only successful if we also learn and implement what she has taught!

– From the discourses of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami.

We invite everyone to Goda Kalyanam on 14th Jan 2018 at Divya Saketham, rejoicing the oneness of the Soul with God, rejoicing the great qualities of God that mesmerised Goda Devi to want Him, rejoicing how Goda Devi shared her experiences through songs with all of us, rejoicing how Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami explains in detail all such wisdom to everyone!

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