“Dhanur masam” the auspicious month is being celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm, at JIVA asram, Shamshabad. 9/1/2016 saw a huge crowd of devotees thronging in at Divya Saketham to witness “Neeratta utsavam” (bridal shower) of Goda devi.   Mother Goda devi  is offered abhishekam with water, milk, honey, curd and fruit juice and is decorated beautifully. Ashtottharam puja is conducted followed by harathi. The uthsavam started couple of days earlier in Divyasaketham temple and will end on 13/1/2016. However, at Srivilliputtur (birth place of Goda devi), “Niratta utsavam” commences on the 26th day of dhanurmasam which is celebrated with great pomp and show; The deity of Godadevi is taken in a procession to the mandapam in “Pushkarini” (a water tank), and is given shower lovingly by the priests in a beautiful elaborate manner.  Then She is decorated beautifully like a bride, which is altogether mesmerizing to watch.

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