On the surface, it appears that one’s daily activities speak of one’s spiritual stand. But leading an honest and sincere life alone is inadequate, as we all know that trees are excellent in doing what nature has dictated to them. They take the heat from the sun, give shade, give fruits and later render themselves as firewood so on and so forth, with pleasure and without a complaint like selfless individuals.

On the contrary, human beings who would react with such patience and equanimity are very rare indeed. So if we have to take into account only honesty and sincerity in life, human being would be inferior to a tree. We are bestowed with brain, the powerful instrument which has the unique capacity to think and we need to utilize and realize this Invariable Factor in a variable world..

Who is this invariable Factor ?

Who else could He be? The creator of the universe, God Almighty Sriman Narayana.


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