Jivana Vikas, with the intention of serving all beings as service to God, was established on Jan 27 , 1995 on the occasion of Gopalachary Swamy thirunakshathram. It started functioning on 24 March 1995.  On 29th April 1998, Jivana Vikas moved to new building.

Under the Jivana Vikas program , we support education, boarding, lodging and food for poor children.  So far 72 students passed 10th grade from this institute. Some of them became engineers and procured other good jobs and are well settled. At present we are supporting 13 students with 10 orphans among them. Rooms are provided to the students with beds, tables and chairs, along with kitchen and dining facilities.

Admission Process

An announcement is made in the paper and monthly magazine – Bhakthi Nivedana on April 25th every year based on the decision on how many kids to support. Entrance Qualification exam is conducted to filter the students.  During admission, the students have to submit their certificates.

Student Schedule:

5 am                      wake up

5:30 am                exercise

6 to 7 am              study

8:30 am                breakfast

1:15 pm                lunch

4:30 pm                return from school

4:30 to5:00 pm snacks

5:30 to 6:30 pm games

6.30 pm                bath

7 to 8:30 pm       study

8:30 pm                dinner

9:30 pm                sleep

Sunday feast is provided every week.  There is a Goda ranganatha perumal (deities presented by HH) in the prayer hall with a small mandiram.



National Highway 5 – entrance to mattur.

Address – Jeevana Vikas  (JET) , Marturu, Marturu Mandal, Prakasam Dst, 523301

Phone – 9390510576


You can support this program with your donations.


2009: A program was held on Jan 31 2009 in a shelter for orphan children of 11 – 13 yrs. Their fathers were killed by the maoists and their mothers were killed by the army.

VTSeva volunteers, supplied educative materials to the orphans with short poetic stanzas and verses on how to improve one’s knowledge and wisdom. The intention was to instill self confidence and willpower in the minds of the young children who were mentally traumatized when their parents were ruthlessly killed. They distributed small easy-to-say slogans suitable for the children like: “Sancho Bola”, “Bhagawan Lai Sadhai Samjha” i.e. Speak Truth, Always Have Faith in Self etc.

Jan 31 was celebrated as ‘Vasanta Panchami’, and Sriman Nutan Dev Khanal personally handed over small gifts like pencils and stationary to the kids . VTSeva volunteers taught the children a few Yoga techniques like, Pranayamand other meditative excercises to keep their minds calm and pleasant.

The volunteers donated three buckets to the shelter to be used as dustbins. Later that day, they distributed food for all the children.

Another interaction program, with lecturers of a campus In Nuwakot district 90 k.m. south west of kathmandu, called “Infection or Encroachment to our culture ” was conducted. 25 persons took part in this interaction to discuss how to preserve and protect ancient culture and traditions that promoted goodness and righteousness among people.