Laziness or lack of enough determination to achieve a task is the most common first hurdle. This hurdle is in your mind. It is therefore classified as a hurdle at ‘mental’ level. Sometimes, your body may not co-operate with the task you want to achieve. This is a hurdle at ‘physical’ level. Perhaps, you are strongly determined and physically fit, but you may not have enough knowledge to reach your goal. This is a hurdle at ‘intellectual’ level.

Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey

Last but not least is the hurdle at ‘spiritual’ level. One day or another, we all leave this body. What happens after you leave the body? Do you get another body? Where is your destination as you travel through such several bodies? When one wants to understand the journey of soul, you may face some hurdles. These are hurdles at ‘spiritual’ level.

Each one of us must have faced one or more of these four types of hurdles. We try to face them with courage, we look up to people who can guide and support us during the journey, we get inspiration from those who have already overcome such hurdles. This is great.

Even more wonderful is that God has given us an unbeatable power to help us handle all types of hurdles, right within us

Within each one of us, God has instilled a divine power named, ‘Vishwaksena’ (as given in Vedas). Today, the Bhadrapada sukla paksha chathurdhi (the 4th day of waxing moon period in the month of Bhadrapada). When we see other achievers, we see this power working actively in them (even if they realise it or not). We can worship the same divine power through a prayer and seek the support we need to overcome the hurdles we are facing in our journey. This prayer is called ‘Vishwakse:na a:ra:dhana’ . Every year, this day is dedicated to worship whom you believe to be the ‘giver of all abilities required to handle hurdles‘.

I feel that my mother removes all the hurdles in my path, can I worship her today?

Sure. You worship your mother, and seek her guidance and support. Whatever support she can provide you to handle and overcome the hurdles in your path, she will provide.

What is the difference between Vinayaka and Vishwakse:na?

Anyone who can help you handle a hurdle is called a Vinayaka. Gane:sa is also called referred as Vinayaka.

He is the chief commander of all battalions in the army of Siva 

He is the chief commander of all battalions in the army of Lord Vishnu, He is the alter-ego of Lord Vishnu himself.
He is with a single-tusked elephant head (and hence he is called E:kadantha). He is the leader of all double-tusked elephant head lieutenants, single-tusked elephant head lieutenants, horse headed lieutenants, goat headed lieutenants, and every other lieutenant.

Among these lieutenants, a double-tusk elephant headed lieutenant has the power to impart abilities in us for overcoming all hurdles. All of them represent valour to conquer any challenge.

His consorts are Siddhi and BuddhiHis consort is Su:travati
Mo:dakas are offered to Vinayaka on this day. All devotees have the prasadam after the prayer.Appam is offered to Vishwakse:na. All devotees have the prasadam after the prayer.

Agaja:nana Padma:rkam
Gaja:nanam aharnisam |
Ane:ka damtham bhaktha:na:m
E:kadantham upa:smahe: ||

(you can also chant and read more about Gane:sa and understand the way he supports you)


Yasya dwirada vakthra:dya:h
Pa:rishadya:h paras satham |
Vighnam nighnanthi sathatham
Vishvak se:nam tham a:sraye: ||

Vande: vaikuntta se:na:nyam
De:vam su:travathi: sakham |
Yad ve:thra sikhara spande:
Viswam e:thath vyavastthitham ||

(you can also chant and read more about Vishwakse:na and understand the he supports you)

Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey

On this day, we all also remind ourselves of a beautiful history of Shamantakamani, a prestigious gem. Krishna gets unnecessarily blamed for stealing it from Satra:jith. The way he handles this blame and works his way through each hurdle is beautiful. The courage, the wisdom, the patience, the wit, the valour, the charm, the determination, the physical and mental strength, the intelligence he uses has been inspiring generations of people. 

No matter whom you choose to worship on this day, listening to this story creates a sense of pride that you are so close to such great and sweet, Sri KrishnaIt will help you attain a state that gives you energy and ability to conquer any hurdle.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Vighna Nivaraka Chathurdhi, Divya Saketham, JIVA
– 02nd September 2019

Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey
Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey
Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey
Overcome these Hurdles in your Life Journey

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