We all know how every link in a chain is important to keep the entire connection intact. If we break one link, the chain cannot fulfil its  overall objective. This is true for compartments of a train, a trail of thoughts in our mind, a sequence of topics in a class etc. All these are examples of chains that carry an objective at physical, mental and intellectual levels respectively. Is there a chain at divine level that we all must be aware of? What happens if we ignore or break that link? 

Let’s take a meal for example and understands its link with God.

A plate holds the food for you

Hand takes the food to your mouth.

Mouth chews and sends it to your stomach.

Stomach digests it and releases the energy to various parts of your body.

Body gives the energy to you, so you can work.

If any of the links is broken in this chain, you will not be able to do your work. In cases where a link is broken, the situation needs attention from a person of higher stature to fix it.

Example: If the plate begins to consume the food placed on it to itself, you will throw away the plate or do not use it as a plate. This is an abnormal situation and will need to be action-ed

If the hand does not move upward to feed the food to your mouth, you will need to see a doctor because the hand is not doing its work. It could be paralysed, in which case we will either treat it or find alternate means.

If the mouth continuously chews the food and does not send it to the stomach, something is wrong and will need to be fixed.

If the stomach does not digest the food to release the energy, we need to do some therapy to fix the indigestion problem depending on the severity and cause.

All the elements of this chain process the food at their level, and then transfer the resultant to the next step in the chain. Now, the big question here is: Are you the final recipient in this chain? 

To answer this question. Think about it, did you put yourself in this body? Who is the cause for your existence in this body? Is there a superior power that is governing the existence? If so, shouldn’t you be submitting the processed resultant back to that power? Are you breaking this final link that connects you to the divine?

When you are not linking the result back to God, you are also suffering from a disease! This disease is called ‘ahamkaram’. ‘Ahamkaram’ is defined as: ‘believing in something that is NOT YOU as YOU!’ Here, when soul (you) does not realise the connection with Supreme power, you are no longer in your true and complete state. You feel that there is nothing else that supports your existence. There by, leading life in a state of incomplete knowledge about yourself. 

Compared to our olden days, this incompleteness in knowledge is no longer being filled in any of our current day schools, colleges or at homes. This ignorance leads to erroneous life style, bad decisions and irresponsible behaviour.

Any activity that is performed with this complete knowledge can be called Yajna. When one leads their life this way, the sun rays carry the energy of such people to God who is empowering Sun (Surya Narayana). Only such sun rays are utilised in constructing a rain bearing cloud! 

Let’s question ourselves now. Are we breaking this divine link with God? And, are we therefore responsible for the disturbances in nature, such as untimely rainfall? Can we re-establish this link to the divine supreme, God and say ‘Dasoham’ to Him? (Dasoham = aham that lives with dasatvam,  sense of complete submission). Nature will automatically become pleasant and co-operative (including timely rainfall, right temperatures etc).  

Bhagavad Githa, 3rd Chapter, Karma Yoga, 15th sloka talks about people who perform karma with such wisdom linking everything with our dear God!

karma brahmo:dbhavam viddhi
brahma:kshara samudbhavam |

thasma:th sarvagatham bramha
nithyam yajne: prathishttitham ||

People who are able to lead their lives with this knowledge and devotion to God, they are not only making their life richer and purposeful, but they are also keeping their surroundings (people and nature) more happier and fruitful .

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 6 th Morning, Singarayakonda
– Maha Varuna Yagam

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