On the day of Sravana Pournami, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami presided over Hayagriva Isti as the priests of Divya Saketham temple lead the prayer for this ‘Sarva Vidya Pradatha’, Sri Hayagriva Swami.

He is the embodiment of knowledge. Ages ago, Lord Srimannarayana himself appeared as Hayagreeva to let Bramha retain the lost Vedic knowledge. Remembering the day of his appearance, we learn to be alert and awake at every moment. Swamiji very specifically recommends every child to learn the Hayagreeva Sthothram. This is recited and learned by anyone interested in acquiring knowledge. All the Vedic students revived their energy for knowledge acquisition by chanting ‘Hayagriva Sthothram’.

Swamiji also explained the importance of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ where everyone should take oath to be the protector of nation and dharma. All the girl children or siblings should wish all the boys for the strength to lead family and society in the right direction.

On this evening, Swamiji also visited Gosala and fed the cows and buffaloes. The care that Swamiji takes in addressing the needs of every being is beyond comprehension. The level of energy that flows in through his body is only a result of his utmost love and warmth towards every being!

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