Pleasure is an experience at physical level. An example is when you are seated comfortably in a cushioned chair that gives your body a relaxed feeling. This is called pleasure.

Happiness is an experience at mental level. An example is when you achieve an accolade for your hard work, or your children secure a medal in a running race. These achievements make your heart feel a sense of pride resulting in a state of satisfaction. This is called happiness.

Bliss or Joy is an experience at the intellectual or soul level. An example is when ‘you’, the soul experiences a connection with divine being, the compassionate supreme power that rules the existence. This feeling goes beyond heart and truly touches ‘you’. A sense of enlightenment about truths of existence and creation, purpose of life and the ultimate union with the Supreme power will all fall in this category.

Now, as future engineers – besides learning to construct buildings – you all need to construct your character by understanding the difference between these terms and act accordingly. This will enable you to make right decisions and choices during the career.

– From Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s discourse at Malla Reddy Group of Institutions on 2nd Nov’2017

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