Do you all remember those days when Ramayan was telecasted every Sunday at 9:30am? Some people used to lit up a diya, and break a coconut at the end of the show every Sunday to take away the evil eye on Sri Ramachandra. 

There was probably not a single person who did not cry watching Sunday Ramayan. The impact of their acting skills was so high that it led everyone to experience the actual events from the history. 

If someone can act well and give you the experience of an event from the past that you were never part of, what do you think a rightly chanted Veda mantra can do?

Veda mantras are the base of the entire existence. When one chants the mantras with perfect accent and intonation as they were heard originally by rushis, the impact of it is so beautiful that you will feel fully aligned to the beauty of the existence in its pure state.

You may ask, I don’t even understand what they mean. How will it impact me?

Pause for a minute and think about the sounds you hear on a beach from the sea. No one created the sounds of the waves. They are a result of certain friction of the moving particles in a rhythmic mode. Let’s say you listened to them repeatedly and carefully. You then practised imitating the sound. You can reproduce the same sound and let another person feel the waves even when the person is far away from the water.

The sound has the power to make you feel something that you could not have otherwise felt. The meaning of the sound is embedded into the sound. The sound itself carries the impact of what it means. You must just allow it to reach you. Ved mantras are such sounds. No one created them. They existed forever. Rushis (sages) heard them by tuning their minds to a frequency that matches the sound of existence (driven by utmost love and reverence).

Power of Veda Mantras

Identifying a language that depicted those sounds and then printing that script is an exercise that was done at a later stage. But, the sounds have always existed way before they were written and printed. 

Power of Veda Mantras

Just allow those divine sounds reach you and feel the pure power of Lord… !

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 11 th October Morning Session
– Chaturved Swahakar Maha Yajna, Birla (Lakshmi Narayana Temple), Delhi
– Organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in memory of Late Sri Ashok Singhal

Power of Veda Mantras
Power of Veda Mantras
Power of Veda Mantras