JIVA Campus turns into a Home away from home for 56 Children – Summer Camp ends with great zeal and departing hugs amongst new friends …

20 days ago, children came to the campus with puzzled minds and were not happy leaving their parents. But today, they all found a home away from home and went back with sweet memories, improved intellect, peaceful state of mind, a clear thought and most importantly – with divine blessing of the great, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

56 children from various schools including JPHS, Chirec International, SR DG and others have come to JIVA, campus for a fully residential summer camp. They have learnt to live together happily by accepting differences and encouraging togetherness. They have learnt to understand various sects of knowledge ranging from authentic and root Vedic scriptures to Geograhy and even enjoyed Robotics and Virtual Reality shows. They have learnt to pay namaskars to Sun by thanking him through not only slokas, but also surya namaskaras. They learnt to keep the surroundings clean by directly involving themselves in cleaning efforts. They played in the evenings in serene parks around the campus. They made new friends, and are waiting to come back to this camp even before next summer.

One of the students expressed her happiness about HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s classes and told that His classes are a bliss, an amazing experience that will be remembered for her lifetime. All parents thanked organisers for arranging such a beautiful show on the last day.

Stay connected for Children feedback and their wonderful experiences during Summer Camp.

మ‌న‌కు ఏ రూపంలోనైనా .. ఏ స‌మ‌యంలోనైనా మేలు చేసిన వారిని మ‌రిచి పోవ‌ద్ద‌ని వారికి ఎల్ల‌ప్పుడూ కృత‌జ్ఞ‌త తెలియ చేస్తూనే వుండాల‌ని శ్రీ‌శ్రీ‌శ్రీ త్రిదండి చిన్న‌జీయ‌ర్ స్వామి వారు సూచించారు. దివ్య‌సాకేత క్షేత్రంలో విద్యార్థుల‌కు ప్ర‌జ్ఞ శిక్ష‌ణ శిబిరాన్ని మే 15 నుండి జూన్ 5వ తేదీ వ‌ర‌కు నిర్వ‌హించారు. ముగింపు కార్య‌క్ర‌మం సంద‌ర్భంగా విద్యార్థుల బృందాలు చేసిన సాంస్కృతిక కార్య‌క్ర‌మాలు ఆక‌ట్టుకున్నాయి. శిక్ష‌ణ అంద‌జేసిన ఫెసిలిటేట‌ర్లు, ఉపాధ్యాయులతో పాటు విద్యార్థులు అంద‌రికీ ప్ర‌శంసాప‌త్రాలు స్వామి వారు అంద‌జేశారు. ఇక్క‌డ శిక్ష‌ణ పొందిన వారంతా తాము నేర్చుకున్న‌దానిని గుర్తు చేసుకుంటూ వుండాల‌ని సూచించారు. సెల‌వుల‌ను స‌ద్వినియోగం చేసుకోవాల‌ని అన్నారు. తెలుసుకున్న దానిని, నేర్చుకున్న దానిని మ‌న‌నం చేసుకుంటూనే కొత్త వాటిని తెలుసుకునే ప్ర‌య‌త్నం చేస్తే మ‌రింత రాటు దేలుతార‌ని అన్నారు. పిల్ల‌ల‌ను శిక్ష‌ణ కార్య‌క్ర‌మానికి పంపించిన త‌ల్లిదండ్రుల‌కు మంగ‌ళాశాస‌నాలు అందించారు. చీక‌టి ప‌డినా అలుపు లేకుండా వ‌స‌తి సౌక‌ర్యాలు క‌ల్పించిన వారిని అభినందించారు. యోగా నేర్చుకోవ‌డం వ‌ల్ల మాన‌సిక ఆరోగ్యం మేల‌వుతుంద‌న్నారు. ఎప్పుడైనా క్యాంపు నిర్వ‌హిస్తే వ‌చ్చేందుకు మీరంతా సిద్ధం కావాల‌ని సూచించారు. టీచ‌ర్లు ఇందిర‌, ల‌లిత‌, రాఘ‌వ‌రెడ్డి, రావు ,శ్రీ‌దేవి,  ఎస్‌.ఎస్‌.రావు, యాద‌గిరిరావు, క‌ల్ప‌న కుమారి, విజ‌య‌ల‌క్ష్మి, ఉషాజీ, శ్రీ‌మాన్ టి.గోపాలాచార్య‌, ల‌లితాజీ, శ్రీ‌మాన్  శ్రీ‌నివాసులు ఆచార్య‌, శ్రీ‌మాన్ గోవ‌ర్ద‌నాచార్య‌, శ్రీ‌ను, మ‌ధు, కుమారి వేద‌, సాంబ‌శివ‌రావు, గురుకులం స్టాఫ్ గోపి, శ్రీ‌నివాస్‌, బాల‌కృష్ణ‌, సూర్య‌కిర‌ణ్‌, రాజు, కుమారి లీల‌, సామ‌వేదం విష్ణు స్వామి, త‌దిత‌రులు పాల్గొన్నారు. చ‌దువుతో పాటు ఆట‌పాట‌ల్లో పిల్ల‌లు రాణించాల‌ని స్వామి వారు ఉద్బోదించారు.

Coimbatore Prajna Summer Camp

Coimbatore Vikasa Tarangini conducted Prajna Summer Camp from May 1st to 5th.

By the grace of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji the camp went on very well. 42 children with an age group ranging from 5 years to 15 years old enthusiastically participated in the camp. The team publicized about the camp by distributing pamphlets in the surroundings of Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School where the camp was conducted. Rs.1000/- was charged as fees per child. Lunch and refreshments were provided and the camp timings was 10 am to 1pm.

On 1st May, the camp started at 10 am with the lighting of lamp by the  Correspondent of Perks School, Srimathi Kalpana. We had ten volunteers including Prajna teachers who put in their best for the camp. The students were segregated age wise, under 8 years in one category and 8-15 years in another category.

For the first session, slokas were selected from our first module Prajna book and taught. Second session was the play/ activities  time where our traditional games were introduced. For activities we had “wealth out of waste”, making of candle stand out of damaged CDs.

Next was the stories session. On the first day, Sri Ramanujacharya’s life and teachings were narrated as it was the Avathara Thirunakshatram day. A handbook of the biography of Sri Ramanujacharya written by Srimathi Sumithra Potha Razu was distributed to the children. A quiz competition was announced and the kids were asked to read the book for the quiz. From the second day onwards,  Vighna Nivarana Chathurthi, Dasara and Little Heroes stories were discussed.

Besides this we had bhajans and the yoga session was handled by our yoga master.

On the final day, fancy dress, sloka and quiz competitions were held. Fancy dress and quiz was fully based on the life of Sri Ramanujacharya.

For the valedictory function, Srimathi Jayanthi Ramachandra of Vijayeshwari Textiles who is running a dance school called Sri Charan Dance Academy attended and expresses his happiness. First, a power point presentation about all our service activities was made to the audience which included parents and guests. Then the prizes were distributed according to the age wise category. First, second and third prizes based on all competitions were given. Consolation prizes for some and certificates to each and every child were given. Mementos( a portrait of our Acharya) were given to all the volunteers who were involved in this camp.

Coimbatore’s children felt truly blessed and enjoyed each and every moment of those five days.

HERE IS THE LINK – https://goo.gl/photos/UPKcG4LwtaxSjDV46

UAE Updates

PSN Rao and family from Sharjah visited JIVA campus recently. They visited the Statue of Equality site and felt elated seeing the onsite progress. They donated 2 Lakhs for the SRS project and received the mangalasasanams of HH Sri Swamiji. Sriman PSN Rao ji is a very active member of JET and is actively involved in Prajna activities.

Prajna in UAE started in 2012 when HH advised Sriman Ramesh Reddy garu to begin Prajna with a view to benefiting children by empowering them with vedic culture and providing them safe guards in terms of true knowledge to face the challenges in life and equip the kids with positive outlook and universal friendly stature.

Sriman Rameshgaru with the help of Sriman Mepperla Srinivas Ramanujam garu initiated the Prajna set up and formed a core team subsequently with the induction of Sriman Anand Kanduri,Ranganath,Bhanu Kumar and PSN Rao to reach out to all Bhagavad bandhus and parents residing in UAE.

Prajna made a modest beginning with a handful of kids and few gurus under the kind guidance of Prajna coordinator Prapanna Sarada mathaji, who visited Dubai to train Prajna gurus and continues to play the role of constant guiding force. Since inception, Prajna UAE has seen a steady growth with enthusiastic Parents and well wishers joining the divine mission.Today Prajna has about 20 learning centers across UAE with a Kids strength of over 150 and about 20 gurus.

In the month of May 2017 Module1 & 2 examinations were conducted and about 125 kids took part and 400+ adults participated to witness the childrens’ enthusiasm.With the divine blessings of our beloved acharya HH swamiji, Kids are entering Module 3 from the session starting September 2017.

Prajna had organized during last four years several divine events and cultural meets on festive occasions and received overwhelming response and used this platform for spreading of the personality development course.

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