Puna:h Prathishtta to Rama Chandra Murthy at Muthya:lampa:du 26th –28th March 2016.

Puna:h Prathishtta to Ramachandra Mu:rthy was performed by Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at Sri Rama:layam Muthya:lampa:du, Vijayawa:da. His Holiness’s first day on March 25th evening started with a warm welcome to all devotees to the event and continued to next day morning with Pravachanam about how fully formed the vigraha needs to be in order to do Prathishta. He told past stories of prathista and His experiences followed by Theertha goshti and Pu:rna:huthi at Yajnasha:la. Afternoon in a crowd of 500 devotees , His Holiness spoke about the process of dharma pracha:ram. Evening on March 26th pravachanam about how Lord is spread all over the universe and the importance of Vigraha a:ra:dhana was highlighted. His Holiness is showering His grace through pravachanams and blessed the devotees.

4th Day event: HH arrived at prathista ceremony of sri kodanda rama swamy temple. HH gave teertha goshti in the temple premises. He gave goshti pravachanam about the siginificance and background of the temple. HH then did dhaanyaadivaasam of the deities. His Holiness and HH Ahobila ramanuja jeeyar swamiji gave a wonderful discourse in the evening. HH Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar swamiji explained about the beauty of Rama and compared it to the beauty of Acharya. HH continued explaining about how the soulabhyam of krishna and sousheelam of Rama. Based on every souls desire perumal behaves accordingly with him.

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