Every day in the mornings, we see people running around to get to schools, colleges, banks, companies, hospitals, factories, and other places of work. For some, it is a survival need at physical level (food, clothing, shelter etc – food for the body). For others, it is an intellectual need (ex: a 100% in competitive exams, implementing research ideas – food for the intellect). For a few others, it is an emotional need to contribute to the needs of society (ex: being part of a non-profit organisation serving poor or unprivileged parts of the society, or protecting nature and other beings etc – food for emotional quotient of the heart).

For a few others, it is about seeking truths which are driving this body, the intellect, the emotion and their limitations! 

Ramanujacharya – Ageless Vedic Wisdom at the age of 16

Ramanujacharya was one of the greatest truth seekers who not only succeeded in quenching His thirst for such wisdom, but also shared it with all those interested! That is why, we bow down to him honouring the day of his birth, 9th May 2019 – (Vyshakha masam, Sukla paksham, Panchami thidhi, Ardra nakshatram, Guruvaram – all these five elements of time matched this year with the year that he was born – a fortunate coincidence for all of us).

Ramanujacharya was born to Kesavayajvi and Kanthimathi in Sriperembudur, named by Sri Sailapurna (his maternal uncle) as Ramanujacharya.

Ramanuja, Rama Anuja [Rama’s brother Lakshmana]. Lakshmana is an incarnation of adi sesha, who serves God with an understanding the intent of God. Having revealed the right essence of Vedic wisdom to the entire world (both “scholars” and ignorant), Ramanuja is also revered as the personification of the same qualities as Adi Sesha and Lakshmana.

At the age of 16, he completed learning the Vedas and all its angas (the supplemental knowledge that supports the learning of Vedic literature). He unveiled the right interpretations of Vedic texts approved by the most revered Sarada Peetam in Kashmira desam (northern Bharath). This was a thousand years ago when the world looked at Bharath as the epitome of all knowledge. After the invasion of other countries on our culture, the confidence on our own literature shook. Fortunately, the philosophical base is solid, strong and available. Therefore, we can still relish the wisdom put forth by Ramanujacharya.

This wisdom is the need of the hour considering the ill-effects (terrorism, gun-shootings, unsafe environment for women etc) of incomplete and inaccurate knowledge prevailing today!

Here’s the summary of complete and accurate knowledge of Vedic wisdom, as revealed by Ramanujacharya?

Existence: Anything that exists is made of three entities: jeeva (soul , i.e. you and me), paramatma (God) and prakruthi (nature). We are alive in this body because of God’s presence. Each one of us are equals in form and abilities. However, arrogance/ego made us incapable at different levels. Realising the nature of self and conducting oneself with humility can bring back our original strength and cut down the limitations we experience.

Goal: Seek the pleasure of serving God every moment. God will give you everything that is necessary to give you the pleasure of serving Him. Any other goal can only put you in a lower plane that is full of unknowns, ups and downs of emotions, struggle for temporary happiness. Learning what it means to serve God begins in the journey with our acharya!

Path: Acharya is the only path who can lead you to learning and experiencing God in true and complete form. [For ex: You can read a small snippet from Swamiji about the nature of God here

Rules: There is no rule to serving God. But,true devotion/love for God in your heart will automatically take you in the path of righteousness and happiness. 

Every word you speak will become a keerthana (a divine song)
Every step you take will be towards God
Every act you make will be in accordance to His will
Everything you see will be His form!

This is the essence of Vedas. Every scripture details this truth with the help of various analogies,examples from history, stories of devotees and their life style!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 9 th May 2019
– Ramanujacharya 1003 rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations
– Divya Saketham

Ramanujacharya – Ageless Vedic Wisdom at the age of 16

The event included thirumanjana seva of Ramanujacharya!

The event also included honouring of Sriman Krishnmacharya, a renowned Vedic scholar, by Sriman Samudrala Rangaramanujacharya (in remembrance of his father) for his exceptional commitment and love for the sampradayam.

The event included the release of a beautiful musical art and dance composition by Srimathi Madhavi ji and her team.

Hundreds of devotees poured in to watch this beautiful event, and the greatest messages of lifetime by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.!

Ramanujacharya – Ageless - Vedic - Wisdom - at - the - age - of - 16- Swamiji-with-devotees
Ramanujacharya – Ageless Vedic Wisdom at the age of 16
Ramanujacharya – Ageless - Vedic - Wisdom - at - the - age - of - 16-swamiji-with-his-guru