Medicine, space, communication, technology, management, data sciences, archaeology, psychology etc are all various faces of knowledge. While all such forms of knowledge give some power to an individual, the real power lies in the attitude that he/she builds during the process of learning. One key indicator of good attitude in an individual is ‘humility’ (being humble).

vidya: dada:ti vinayam, vinaya:dya:ti pa:trata:m |
pa:tratva:ddhanama:pnoti, dhana:ddharmam tatah sukhaa ||

Real knowledge seeds humility in an individual Humility (వినయం) invites further knowledge, adding more skills and abilities in the individual  →  It moulds the individual to be tolerant and sensitive towards everyone → Now, the individual is constructive (not destructive) in his social conduct → This makes the individual approachable for all those who need support → The individual now becomes a good ‘pa:tra’, a carrier of all good qualities, good advises, and helpful deeds → This automatically invites wealth to the individual in varied forms (money, friends, inner abilities, God’s grace) → Happiness thus becomes a beautiful asset not only for him, but also for all those connected with him!

Knowledge that cannot instil such humility in an individual gives rise to weeds like arrogance, narrow mindedness, wish to conquer and prove supremacy, etc. Recent attacks in Pulwama or all other forms of inhuman behaviour across the world are results of such weeds. These weeds are dangerous to everyone!

So, How can teachers help in this situation?

Power of real knowledge lies in Humility

We should focus on shaping right attitude in our students. Examine: Thumb, index, middle, ring and little fingers are all of different lengths, but they work together in achieving a task. The fingers do not develop hostility or do not try to prove supremacy. We should teach our students to take this concept all through their life: to understand and accept the differences in the society, while heart-fully respecting each other and working together for the benefit of the whole.

We have said this earlier, and will say it again – The sharp teeth do not hurt the soft tongue. Tongue and teeth are made for specific purposes. It is the same when it comes to caste, religion, gender, or one’s faith. So, let’s Worship our own and Respect all!

The medium of the school (Telugu, English, Hindi etc) is only like a cup that holds the actual content. What matters more is the content that is put in the cup. The cup should support the content in its full ability. Choose the right cup (medium) with the AIM of imparting right content (knowledge that moulds one to be humble) in your students.

May God bless the students, staff, management and all the family members who are working along these lines!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,
-19th Feb 2019, Chaitanya Techno School, Palamakula

Swamiji has appreciated the school management for showing interest in incorporating values and ethics in children. 30% of the families of the region are unable to afford the fees for their children. However, the school management manages to secure the funds through various donors for running the school with good infrastructure.

Real Knowledge lies in Being Humble

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