JnanaMuni Swamiji, Head of BAPS, Aksharadham visited JIVA to seek darsan of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and paid respects to Bhagavad Ramanujacharya at ‘Statue of Equality’ site!

As Swamiji says, ‘Ramanujacharya is the Master Brain of the path of Bhakthi/Devotion in its True and Holistic form. Several devotees chose a specific section of this holistic path and are relishing the essence in parts. Examples include and are not limited to Vallabhacharya, Nambarka, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Swami Narayana!’

During the days of Buddha, Everything external to you was considered temporary; focus was about seeing what is within you to experience Joy and Peace! That was the need of the day as Mahabharatha Yuddha led most people to several malpractices and misuse of Vedic rituals and Wisdom. So, Buddha completely abandoned all the Vedic practices.

Sri Shankaracharya later enlightened everyone that even a temporary/illusionary setup external to you requires some real support, God.

Sri Ramanujacharya clarified further to say that while everything seems temporary, it is still real. It is not fake/mithya! We, the souls, the nature and God are three eternal real entities that always co-exist. The ever changing form of the nature makes us feel the temporariness. We – the souls, and the Supreme, God remain constant. Our connection with that ever changing nature causes the turbulence. Realising this and surrendering to that Supreme is the path to bliss!

Ramanujacharya spoke about Devotion towards Supreme Soul, God as prescribed in the Vedas and practised it. The existence of God in five forms and the inseparable state of ourselves with the Supreme was all brought back to the foreground. Love towards the Supreme, called Bhakthi retook its shape in the hearts of many blessed souls who trusted in the Supreme Scripture, Vedas. They followed elders who walked in the footsteps of Vedas.

From this Master Brain of Devotion re-established by Ramanujacharya, came out several branches as mentioned above! Ramanujacharya himself was extremely thankful and hugely respectful towards his Gurus. The lineage of Gurus goes back all the way to the Lord himself for this great wisdom!

Today, it is a great sight to see everyone coming together as ‘One Family’ under the umbrella of ‘Equality in the eyes of God’!

When we know that we are all equal in the eyes of God, there will be no room for hatred. We work on each others strengths and relish the eternal journey with fellow beings and nature. The journey begins to become as beautiful as the destination itself!

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