“July 2015”

n1 As many people have heard, a terrible earthquake in Nepal took place on April 25th, 2015. Over 8,000 people lost their lives, and 23,000 were gravely injured. An even larger amount of people lost their homes and all other sustenance important for survival. Hearing about this chaos, our Acharya, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, immediately took action and traveled to Nepal to help clean up and find what would be absolutely necessary to help them back on their feet. Thus our campaign of HelpNepal$32 began. With just $32, a tent and 5 blankets could be provided to a family that lost their home. Under the guidance of His Holiness, the JET and Prajna members of the USA started a collaborative effort to raise $150,000 or more for the purpose of serving our brothers and sisters in Nepal.


On the behalf of the Jeeyar Asramam, many youngsters came together to raise funds for Nepal. The youngsters ranged from an age of just 3 to 17. One caring pair of sisters, Meghana and Thapati Chinthapatla, went around their community and raise $1200, and their ages were just 3 and 5. Another kind­hearted 8 year old, Bhavita, raised over $1600 by asking for donations from around her school, in her father’s workplace, and other locations close to her.

Here is her story: “The news was flashing all over the screen with pictures of people under rubble and desperately crying for help. It was the Nepal earthquake. A little girl’s eyes were filled with tears and her tender heart moved with tremulous emotion. Instead of just feeling sorry for those people or considering the fact that she was too young to do anything she is determined to get help for those in need. Here starts her journey towards a great cause ­ serve all as service to God with Acharya’s blessings.

n3 Her name is Bhavita Tirumala an 8 yr old second grade, a student and a Prajna kid. Her first step in the journey was to approach her school (Elementary) to host a fundraiser. With the help of her class teacher she makes morning announcements in the school and places a fundraising jar in the lunch room. After two weeks and constant support from her teacher she raises $662. Her journey doesn’t stop there. She makes her way to her dad’s office. She starts talking to all the people individually explaining them about things patiently holding a donation box in her tender hands. She raises another $855 in a single day.

n4 She brainstorms her next move and approaches her Karate school to help her host another fundraiser. Looking at the enthusiastic kid and her selfless act they agree to put a donation jar for 2 weeks. She raises $164. She raised a total of $1681. JET stood by her belief that she can a make a difference and helped her realize her goal.”


n5 At ages under 10 years old, these blessed and warm­hearted youngsters took the mature decision to try and serve the people of Nepal, regardless of their youth. Even more youngsters went around their own community to raise funds. In Prajna classes, bake sales were conducted, nearly cleaning out all of the food made and raising more funds. With the assistance of an adult, more youngsters stood outside a local store to inform the masses and raise funds. In May, Prajna students and VT Seva young volunteers banded together and raised many funds in a Nepal Relief

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Carwash. Everyone had a great time, and in the end felt the importance of serving others and how they were not unable to help people in a different country.

Your Funds at Work:

Our Vikasa Tarangini volunteers from India traveled to Nepal and initially gave over 3000 tents to victims of the earthquake, with the hard­earned funds from the US. Here is a report written by one of the volunteers from India:


n10 From yesterday (2015­05­14), VT Nepal started to distribute the tents to the earthquake Victims . At first, we distributed in Naglebhare at Pattar­ 66 pieces, Chapaboat­90 pieces, Chhap 24 pieces, Then in Kavre districts at Shyampati and Dapchha ­13 pieces, at Pachakhal ­11 pcs, at Khopasi ­74 pcs, at Dunkharkha­204 . The leaders of the team are Sriman Baman Neupane ,Srimati Renuka Adhikari , Sriman Rewanta Koirala, Sri Man Dilip poudel, Sri Man Bhola Dhital,Sriman Gopikrishna Koirala. Total 20 volunteers were engaged. More than 28 volunteers are doing the active work of furnishing in tent at Sriman Rewanta’s House under the leadership of Srimati Uma Bhatta and Sriman Prafulla Bhattarai.

Today we are distributing at Sindhupalchok. Some photos of Tents distribution are attached for HH kind Information.

Reported by

Kumar Adhikari and Renuka Adhikari



More relief kits are being distributed. As of now, a total of 4784 tents and 1474 blankets have been given out to approximately 5000 families. The people of Nepal are slowly recovering from both of the terrible earthquakes and are getting back to their normal lives. We are forever grateful to all of our benevolent donors for responding to this disaster in time to help the victims.

* Serve All Beings As Service To God *



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