The first phase of Santhi Sundaram  concluded grandly today. In the first phase,  HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji performed saptha sarga Sundarakanda parayana for 68 days in the presence of Lord Sri Rama in Divya Saketham. HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji along with many devotees also joined the parayana.

The program was conducted uniquely today. Devotees signed up for a sarga and all the devotees chanted their sarga at the same time. Atleast 4 batches , each batch  having 68 devotees signed up in less than 20 hours to participate in the program.

After mangalasasanam and thirttha goshti, Perumal was taken in a procession to the open auditorium. Devotees were seated sarga wise . For example, who ever signed up for 1st sarga were seated together and so on. Each sarga had one Vedic student as a lead. After prartthana slokas and Sankshepa Ramayana, HH initiated the Parayana

Explaining the significance HH said, the sound waves created with our chanting at the same time are so powerful that all the participants will be infused with the energy besides getting the benefit of chanting Sundarakanda multiple times just by reciting one sarga. Sri Sita Rama Santhi Kalyanam and pattabhishekam were also performed. The sanctified water was sprinkled on all the devotees by Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji and Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji.

Speaking on this occasion, HH Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, Sri U. Ve. Ranga Ramanuja Swamy, Sri Vijaya Raghavan Swamy and Sri Raghavacharyulu gave their valuable messages to the devotees.  The video of the program will be released shortly on youtube.

The program concluded with Ramanuja Ashtotthara Namavali, Manyu suktham , theertha and sumptuous prasada goshti.


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