Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami addressed a huge group of Sri Vaishnava families / society and advised them all with three resolutions for the upcoming New Year, Ugadi!

  • Retired people: Do not look for new job to do after retirement. Spend time visiting places of worship, learn and teach youngsters in friends and family on culture and practices

  • Mothers: Use any of your free time to learn sthothras, possibly meanings and educate your children to practice basic principles of our culture – dressing as per tradition should not be seen low, having bindi on forehead should be a proud and default activity for children, bowing down to parents, elders, respecting culture and practices should be taught by you.

  • Family: Dedicate one child in your family to protecting / participating full time in Vedic practises. It can be learning Vedam and scriptures, serving in temples, performing Yagnas etc. You can have a bigger family, more children and be proud to raise kids who can be carrying our culture for generations! Vedam is the root science of all sciences. Let’s not deprive ourselves with the most essential knowledge of all existence!

Having multiple groups of people under different leaderships within Vyshanava community is a plus. A single person or a group cannot do everything. When the goal of each of the groups is one, then we are all at an advantage. The goal of spreading wisdom shared by Ramanuja, the Goal of serving the society and nature as Service to God! When goal matches, the groups working for the goal can only be the strength and not weakness!

Several children in US are learning Vedic scriptures through program called Praja. They have done avadhanam in Vishnu Sahasra Namam, and are now practicing for Bhagavad Geetha avadhanam for Bhagavad Ramanuja’s Millennium celebrations. Why aren’t we in India not able to motivate our children and ourselves to do our bit of learning Vedic scriptures as part of a daily routine?

You need to have long and strong hair first before you can think of making beautiful natural hair styles, isn’t it? Similarly, know your identity and connect with your roots; you can then grow fragrant flowers and healthy fruits for yourself!

Make use of the support from people like Ramanacharyulu and organisers like Dr.Dhanunjay Garu and keep up the work!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Sri Vaishnava Sangoshti in LB Nagar

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