Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was invited to Moscow, Russia with great honour to address audience and share His views on how one should conduct themselves in this ever-challenging and ever-changing world! As always, people were awed at the wisdom that Swami shared! Shall we also drench ourselves in those wise words?

Swamiji started off with a question – Is selfishness good or bad?! Swamiji’s response to this question provoked deep thoughts, made practical sense and most importantly addressed the need of the hour!

Selfishness in Sanskrit is called, స్వార్ధ = స్వ + అర్ధ = my + benefit. Now, let’s see how to work with it.

When you were a 10-year-old kid, your ‘self’ included in it only your bodily needs and wishes. When you grew up to be a teenager, your ‘self’ included in it not only your bodily needs but also some of your best buddies! You wanted to share what you have with your friends and double your joy! Didn’t you? When you grew a bit elder, you understand that your parents form part of the self, and began to include them in your ‘self’.

Now, when you got married, your ‘self’ included in it not only your bodily needs and friends, parents but also your wife!

As you expanded your family with children, your ‘self’ now included a lot more! No matter what you did, you considered everyone as part of your self and worked for the benefit of everyone. You shared your joy with everyone there by multiplying it many folds! You shared your sorrow with everyone thereby dividing it!

If you take in your nations’ President or Prime Minister, the entire nation including the mountains and rivers become part of his self! His self is expanded to an extent that he now thinks of everyone’s welfare, he works for the benefit of everyone included in his self. He does not neglect any part of the nation. He does not disown any part of the nation!

Go a bit more farther, we are all children of the common mother, Earth! Expand your self to encompass all your siblings on this Earth. Would you now ever hate or disrespect or demean anyone? No, we will begin to respect, love and co-operate with everyone! There will not be any room for hatred, quarrels or wars between nations, sects, or religions! You will begin respecting everyone and worshipping your own duty!

Now, think about Selfishness – Is it good or bad? Should one expand it or restrict / eliminate it?

Selfishness is good when you nurture it in the right way. Encompassing everyone into your self expands your self into a wider horizon! Everyone’s joys are multiplied, and everyone’s sorrows are divided!

You may be wondering, ‘Why should I even do that? Why can’t I limit myself to just me?’

It is against the nature. When you are a part of a whole, do your duty perfectly but realise that you are part of the bigger whole. Don’t give up the whole for the sake of a part. When you restrict yourself to only you, you fail to understand the oneness of the whole. You will miss out being part of a bigger picture, and a greater joy!

Stay tuned for a set of Q and A from the audience at the session!

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