Which induces unalloyed bliss ? Material wealth or just pure Lord’s darshana and service at His shrine? Which is more delicious? – Asks Saint Tyagaraja

Material wealth and money if used for self gratification only, does not yield true happiness. If the same wealth, is used to actuates devotion in a person or a community, it not only gives satisfaction for the donor, but also helps the society progress spiritually , culturally and materially.

And when action (or service) is performed “as” a service to God, then it indeed becomes the best form of worship – says Our Sri Swamiji.

Recently, Vikasatarangini Vijayanagaram, initiated programs and events in 13 Mandals of Vijayanagaram Division, Andhra Pradesh, to encourage people to donate generously for Ra:ma:nuja Sahasra:bdhi. They brought awareness among people about the greatness of Sri Ra:ma:nuja and His message. People were very happy and participated in the events with enthusiasm. Vikasatarangini was able to collect a total of 4 lakhs in Feb 2018. Vikasatarangini Vijayanagaram, conducted 40 Sri Rama Kalyanam programs through out the Mandals, for the peace and welfare of the communities.

Apart from conducting these spiritual activities, Vikasatarangini Vijayanagaram volunteers and members were also involved in many service activities:

1. They established Sri Ramanuja libraries in several schools
2. They distributed free footwear to the poor kids from government schools.
3. People from the remote hilly regions were provided with clothes, food and vessels.
4. Free Medical/Health camps were conducted for the villagers

Sriman Nethra Ganesh from SC Colony has been a very active member of VT, in conducting and promoting Prajna.