Today, a 7th class student from Chirec Public School in Kondapur Campus, Hyderabad visited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji along with her friends. They had an interesting conversation with Swamiji that we want to share with our dear readers…! Read and share!

Student: Why don’t sages believe in Science?

Swamiji: Who said sages don’t believe in Science? What is Science anyway?

[Students look at each other trying to frame the definition of science]

Student: It is something that we can prove with experiments

Swamiji: Yes, it is Knowledge.

Swamiji: Scientists believe in knowledge that they can see; Sages believe in knowledge that they can see and in knowledge that they can understand (even though it cannot be seen).

Swamiji: There are many things that you believe in even though you cannot see. For example: You are here in the temple now, but you believe that your mother is safe wherever she is. You don’t see her, but you believe that she is safe, right?

Student: Yes Swamiji

Student: So, do you see what we don’t see?

Swamiji: Seeing is one way to gather knowledge about an object. Feeling through touch, fragrance through nose, sound through ear are all different ways of experiencing the knowledge of something that exists. Ultimately, its about comprehending that knowledge. I comprehend knowledge that you may not understand now. This way, you can say that I ‘see’ what you don’t ‘see’. But, you can probably ‘see’ all that I can ‘see’ too in sometime if you truly desire for it…!

Students: [Happy about the conversation, bow down to Swamiji, exchange heart-felt smiles, ask for a photograph and leave the place with an elevated perspective on rushis, the ancient scientists]

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