23rd and 24th April 2016 witnessed a spiritual historic event, at Nagarkurnool, Mahabubnagar Dist. It was a day when devotees thronged in huge numbers to have a glimpse of our beloved guru Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. So, that their lives get filled prosperity and harmony, which lord rama’s subjects enjoyed in His rajyam.

The programme started on 23rd April with Dharmika Sadasu, where devotees were seen doing their best to ensure that their guru’s efforts come out with flying colours. In the evening a magnificient Shobha Yatra was held where our guru looked no less than a royal dharmika chariotieer, who was followed large number of devotees took part in it, who were seen enjoying the heavenly bliss of being with him. On 24th April morning, programme further continued with Ksheerabhishekam to Sri Rama Padukas by HH Swamiji, and towards the end  HH Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to all.

The programme was attended by the following dignitaries:-

  1. Dr.J.Rameswar Rao garu
  2. J.Krishna Rao garu, Minister for Industries & Animal Husbandrie
  3.  Lakshma Reddy garu Minister for Health
  4. Marri Janardhan Reddy, MLA
  5. Balaraju garu, MLA
  6. Narasimha Reddy garu, State Barcouncil President
  7. Ranga Reddy garu, Founder Trustee, Vattem temple


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