Several North Indian Scholars have completed their philosophical studies in Sri Vaishnavam, under the guidance and mentorship of our great U.Ve Sriman Gopalacharya Swamy.

One such an erudite disciple was Sriman Parankusa Swamy from Sikkim.

In 1980, soon after Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji took to Sanya:sa:shramam, Sriman Parankusa Swamy too accepted monkhood at Sri Perumbudur.

And since then, Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Swamy has done a lot of work in spreading the wonderful message of Sri Ramanuja and the Sri Vaishnava Philopsophy.

Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Swamy established an Ashramam at Narayana Ghat near Gainda Kota.

He is an expert Sanskrit scholar. Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy published nearly 70 philopsophical books so far. Swamy completed 90 years recently and our Sri Chinna Jeeyar visited Nepal to attend the “90th Year” celebrations of Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy. Sriman Mudumbai Madhusudhanacharya Swamy and team, performed Sudarshana Yagam and Nakshatreshti as part of the event.

HH Swamiji reached Gainda Kota on 18th May Evening and participated in the event along with many other great scholars and Jeeyars. Sri Swamiji was accompanied by Sriman Yuvaraja Yathirajacharya Swamy, U.Ve – Govardahana Peetadhipathi – from Ayodhya, U.Ve Sriman Nepal Krishnamacharya Swamy, Sriman Nimbarkacharya Swamy.

All the Jeeyar gave wonderful pravachanams and mangalasasanams, on the occassion.

Earlier on 17th May, Sri Swamiji visited Janakapuri. One disicple, Smt Bini Rani, from Janakapuri donated 1 Acre land to Sri Swamiji – a very long time ago. The place used to be very isolated and remote, in those times. But now, it stands next to the Broad Gauge Railway station and has become a very approachable location. JET Nepal arranged a small rest-house named “Jeeyar Vatika” in that place and it was inaugrated by our Sri Swamiji on 18th morning. HH Swamiji performed Samashrayanams to a few interested people. Swamiji gave some suggestions and instructions to the volunteers about several upcoming programs in Nepal.

Later in the evening, Swamiji set off to Gainda Kota to attend the “Navathi Celebrations”.

On the way Swamiji visited Sriman Vasudeva Atreya Swamy’s house at Hetoda. Swamiji blessed Atreya Swamy who was suffering from old age and illness. Later, HH Swamiji visited Sriman Bhagavathacharya Swamy’s house and blessed his son and daughter-in-law who got married recently. HH Swamiji also blessed and enquried after Sriman Bhagavathacharya Swamy’s mother who was 93 yrs old!

Sri Swamiji reach JIVA Ashramam on 20th.

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