On 2/12/2017 we celebrated Sri Tirumangai Alwar Tirunakshatram in Veda Bhavan. Sriman Vara Prasad Guruvu , M.Govardhana Charyulu , Santhosh Krishnama Charyulu , Venkata Ramana Charyulu and all vedic students performed rituals . About 100 vt members attend the event . Thadhiyaradhana sponsored by Srimathi sumathi BV Rao.

On the occasion of his(BV Rao) 75th birthday he announced Rs:75000/- towards corpus fund to veda bhavan and he also promised to donate 75000 on his every birthday during his lifetime.He adopted one vedic student and paid Rs:30000 and extend the same for every year.

Sriman Srirangam Ranjith Kumar garu native of Khammam ,residing in UK( vt coordinator)came to veda bhavan and inspired by the activities of the students and he adopted Two Vedic Students and paid Rs:72000/- as kainkaryam towards 1year maintenance of the students.

The following VT members announced to adopt the vedic students

  • Srimathi L.Aruna Bhoopathi Rao – 1 student
  • Srimathi G.Nagamani – 1 student
  • Sriman Yada Kishan Shobha – 1 student
  • Srimathi Venkatarathnamma Malla Rao – 3 students

After the event all vedic guru”s offered their Mangalashasanams to Sriman Srirangam Ranjith Kumar(UK VT coordinator) and all other donors.