14th Oct 2016,

1000 years have passed since Bhagavad Ramanujacharya appeared on this earth. He is a great personality who left no boundaries to establish the Vedic principles and the truth that all are equally eligible to receive the grace of Lord. Remembering His great contributions to the mankind, Sri Vaishnava Samgoshti is being conducted in Sri Rangam, the place where Ramanujacharya spent most of his lifetime.

The program started today, ie, 14th Oct 2016 with parikrama. Hundreds of devotees gathered at Thayar temple. 12 Jeeyars – Vanamamalai Jeeyar, Sri Ramachandra Jeeyar, Melkota Yathiraja Ramanuja Jeeyar, Sri Villiputtur Jeeyar, Sri Rangam Jeeyar, Alwar Thirunagari Jeeyar, Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar, Ayodhya Jeeyar, Kasi Jeeyar, Acharya purushas etc also came to the temple. The procession started at 9 am with the chanting of Narayana Anuvakam. It was a delightful sight to see the Jeeyars walking followed by Vedic pundits, 200 Vedic students followed by bhagavad bandhus chanting Sri Vishnu sahasranama, Ranganattha Sthothram, Kantha Chathusloki and Gadyam.

During the 2 hour procession, ladies offered harathi and mangalasasams to the goshti when the goshti came in front of their homes. Devotees young and old, unmindful of the scorching heat and humidity were immersed in devotion singing the names of Lord and walked the whole distance with zeal.

After the parikrama, the goshti reached the location. Shortly, the governor of Tamil Nadu, Hon Sri Ch. Vidya Sagar Rao arrived. Sri Rameshwar Rao ji welcomed him onto the stage. HH Sri Swamiji gave him mangalasasanams for coming to the program and making it a memorable one. Hon. Governor spoke of the dam built by Ramanujacharya in Thondanur. Though 1000 years passed, it still in a very good condition as opposed to ones which are built recently. He spoke about the glory of Ramanujacharya and how He showed right path to uplift the downtrodden.

After the Governor left, HH felicitated Acharya purushasas and Jeeyar Swamijis. The program concluded with mangalasasanams from acharya purushas and Jeeyars.

The evening program began at 5pm. A total of 34 acharya purushas were felicitated today. After the felicitation of more acharya purushas, HH spoke about the greatness of these families. Even after 1000 years, these families are trying their best to follow and protect the traditions which were handed over by Ramanujacharya with no expectations or benefits.

Speaking about Ramanujacharya, HH stressed that Ramanujacharya is a great acharya who took innumerable efforts to establish the Vedic principles. Unfortunately, people have forgotten His innumerable contributions to the society and doing activities as per their own whims and fancies, turning a blind eye to the toil and hardship Ramanujacharya went through during His lifetime.

HH said that it is high time for scholars to come together, discuss the missing points in the history of Ramanujacharya for future generations. The program concluded with mangalasasanams.

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