Why is it important to preserve history?

What are the advantages of doing so?

Our rich, authentic identity becomes the basis for our lifestyle. When this connection with our roots remains intact, we make wise choices. Thus, we can enhance our joy!

When a child suffers from an ailment at home, a grand mother’s remedy helps.  This might even avoid visiting a doctor at a hospital. Similarly, wisdom preserved through temples alleviate all kinds of mental and physical sicknesses caused by ignorance and arrogance. If we ignore such wisdom, we are prone to develop habits that could put us in a painful state later in life.

As part of the 11th Brahmotsavam of Sri Vasudeva Swami Perumal in Mandasa, Swamiji explained the history of the divine place. The devotees took part enthusiastically in Sri Vasudeva Swami’s (personified supreme power) divine union (wedding/kalyanam) with Maha Lakshmi (personified compassion). 

15th century

  • Sri Vasudeva Swami Perumal consecration in Manjusha (now Mandasa, Srikakulam)


  • Srimannarayana Acharya (Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami) and T.K. Gopalacharya Swami approached Ramanajucharya, a renowned scholar of Mandasa temple hailing from Narsapuram, to study Sri Bhashyam (the elaboration of Brahma Sutras written by Veda Vyasa Maharshi).

  • Both made their own arrangements for accommodation and other needs so that the local and temple authorities were not troubled.

  • On the first night of the stay, they dreamt that they were half way through a bridge on Godavari river in Rajamahendri and saw that the bridge did not continue further to reach the other end.

  • They explained the dream to Mandasa Ramanujacharya. He asked the frightened students to wash their feet and hands. He then instructed them to chant Vishnu Sahasra Namam and go back to sleep with no fear.

  • After the next day’s morning aaradhana (prayer) of Sri Vasudeva Swami, he asked them both to come closer to the Deity. He sought permission of Sri Vasudeva Swami to teach the both youngsters who are ready to spread dharma (righteousness) and divya bhakthi (devotion to God) to the world.

  • He prayed to Sri Vasudeva Swami to bestow them with the power of wisdom (buddhi balam)

  • They completed the course in 6 months (in half of the time of the anticipated 1 year)!


  •  Srimannaranacharya takes up Jeeyarhood, Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami began to serve every being as service to God, educated people on scriptural wisdom and conducted swadhyaya jnana yajnas in service of God in addition to many other activities!


  • Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami visited Mandasa as part of pada yatra, a tour by foot, from Sri Kurmam for the sake of world peace.

  • Swamiji noticed Sri Vasudeva Swami in a room outside the dismantled temple without any services. For a few decades, Sri Vasudeva Swami did not give darsan to anyone.

  • After enquired with local people on the history of the temple, the lineage of families involved in the construction of the temple, in the services of the temple etc

  • Swamiji checked with the architect, Mahapatro (from Orissa) on reconstructing the temple without compromising in its originality. It was a mandate to get stones that matched the ones originally used. He said it was possible because he knew the source of the stone used in the original construction. Swamiji wanted not only to beautify but also to bring it back to the original look and feel.

  • 420 coins were found in a kalasa, the divine pot, on the original temple top.

  • A charter of the original temple was found.

  • The local MRO and RDO were asked to keep the coins and the copy of the original charter until the construction was completed.

1999 to 2009

  • Teams began reconstruction of the temple.


  • Temple inauguration by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in remembrance of Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami for having spent 6 months studying Brahma Sutras in the same premises.

  • New coins of current time-period were added to the kalasa.

  • The original charter was crafted onto a stone. It was appended with the time, the day, the date, and the star of the newly renovated temple.

2009 to 2019

  • Every year, devotees throng in and around the village to have the darsan of the most handsome deity of the era, Sri Vasudeva Swami. He is absolutely stunning with a beautiful smile.

  • One must visit the temple to see the beauty of Garuda Alwar in this temple. It’s hard to your eyes off of him. His back posture indicates his readiness to fly Lakshmi Narayana. The wings are seen so clearly. His front posture shows his legendary divine look.


  • The 11th Brahmotsavam concludes. Several youth wings formed to celebrate the event. They participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the temple and the entire village. Several women groups enthusiastically joined the event to take part.

  • Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami and Sri Devanatha Jeeyar Swami presided over the event and spent time speaking to villagers on the essence of life, the importance of righteousness and devotion and the power in coming together for great causes etc.

  • Govindacharya, priest Sri Kurmanatha Acharya, Sriman Nani and team organised the event gracefully.

– From the 11 th Brahmotsavam event
– Sequence of events as described by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Mandasa Sri Vasudeva Swami Perumal temple