HH Swamiji concecrated Sri Venkateswar Swami Temple @ Ramachodavaram. We can feel here as if we are on Terumala. This lord chose a best place. Beautiful flora and fawna around with montains. Surprising thing is, this temple construction started by a muslim called Sadique Hussain. On his request HH Swamiji visited many times. As HH Swamiji visiting this place thus, Sadique Hussain ji devolping to be a complete temple. He is a lecturer by profession. He is very simple person but aims are very high in the service of Lord Venkateswara. He proved that nothing is impossible, if we have strong determination to coplete a noble cause.
After seeing this temple devolopment by Sadique Haussain ji, they impressed verymuch and adopted immediately and finished temple construction within no time. Then invited HH Swamiji for concecration.

HH Swamiji arrived to Rampachodavaram on 13th evening and perfored Yanthra Prathishta. On 14th Concecrated the Temple. HH Swamiji appreciated the efforts of Smn. Sadique Hussain ji and Dwaraka Tirumala Chairman Smn. Sudharkar Rao and his team.
Smn. PVRK Prasad, Smn. JVS Prasad, Smn. Sudhakar Rao, Chairman, Dwaraka Tirumal Temple, Smn. Vijaya Raghavacharya, Director, State Institute of Temple Athority, Smn. Thrinath Rao, E.O, Dwaraka Tirumal, Smn. Ramanujacharya, A.E.O, Dwaraka Tirumal, Smn. Nataraj, A.E.O, Annavaram also were present on this auspicious ocassion.

HH Swamiji’s divine presence made everybody energetic and enthusiastic. HH Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to all.

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