The nation is currently in lockdown mode to prevent the spread of corona virus. Honourable Prime Minister and the respective Chief Ministers folded their hands and pleaded every citizen to not violate social distancing rules.

They also warned everyone that police will punish those who violate the rules of lockdown. The pleading, the instructions, and the warnings are all various modes of communicating the importance of lockdown. Despite all this, there are several adults who are violating the rules. Thousands of vehicles belonging to that of violators are seized. Let’s hope that everyone understands the importance of lockdown measures and stay safe.

At this point, would like to bring up a topic for thought to the lawmakers, the parents, the teachers and well-wishers about RTE Act. (It is said, ‘Strike when the iron is hot’ – now is good time to bring up this topic because we are currently witnessing the police having to control adults

If mature adults themselves need certain punishment to be put in place for violating a guideline, then what about children and youth of this nation? Don’t you think punishment may be necessary sometimes when students (children and youth) do not follow a guideline that is setup for his/her own good?

The RTE Act prohibits physical punishment to students of any sort. How can we expect all the children and youth to behave as per norms when the children have no fear of being punished? Children are not aware of the impact of their actions and mostly not mature enough to think about future. Youth go through emotions and their age makes them feel that whatever they think is right. So, is there a need to amend RTE Act to ensure that teachers are enabled to discipline children and youth in everyway necessary? 

It is ofcourse important that teachers are appropriately trained to raise students as responsible individuals through verbal guidance, repetitive counselling, and encouraging techniques and measures. But, just like today’s police are having to use their laati, the stick with certain adults, there could be a need to raise hand or punish a student to put him/her into right track. Don’t you think so? 

As most people are staying home and have time to think, this is an important topic for thought. It is essential that we raise responsible adults through means of punishment when all other measures are failing. Otherwise, we will end up giving our nation a generation that does not fear violating a righteous practice. Should we allow that?

Let’s all ponder and take steps for amending the act so that teachers are trained properly to train children and youth using all above measures. May be we would not have many irresponsible adults today if they were raised better. Our ancient ways of schooling involved stricter measures to raise children, did we move away from it not knowing the consequences of doing so?

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– For all of you to discuss, analyse, and retrospect

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