yasya smarana matrena vitravanthi suraarayaha
sahasraara namasthubhyam vishnupaani thalasraya

Sri Sudarshana Jayanthi was celebrated on the 30th of July, in the month of Sravana on the divine star of Chittha at Divya Saketham.

This is also the star on which Sri Rama Chandra appeared in this kshetram. So, the place was filled with air of ‘Rama Namam’ as the priests performed Nava kalasa snapana followed by Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam. Sudarshana awaits the order of Lord Vishnu to scare the demons away and kill them as necessary.

Sri Sudarshana Homam is a practice of offering prayer to Sri Sudarshana who alleviates us from the impact of evil eyes and gives us God’s grace. Sri Sudarshana always stands first in protecting the devotees of Lord Vishnu. Hundreds of devotees poured in to participate and learn about this great prayer for health and well being.

Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji presided over this event and blessed all the participants, answered their questions about the event and the process.

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