We spend ample time and money in keeping our body, our vehicles and our homes clean. Government spends crores of money in keeping the offices, roads, and other public areas clean, Swachh Bharath. All this is important, but what is even more important is the cleansing of our knowledge. When one is internally clean, external cleanliness will become one of the automatic resulting benefits. Doesn’t it?

Let’s take a quick peek at how different abilities serve different purposes. We can then look at the highest purpose that Swachh Knowledge can serve.

If a person is physically strong, that physical ability helps him achieve certain goals. Creative ability serves other set of goals. Intellectual ability serves yet another set of goals. If the goal is to earn money to buy food for a day, then physical ability is good enough. If the goal is to help sick people, then intellectual ability on science of human body is enough to an extent. If the goal is to give a beautiful design for a dam, then creative and intellectual abilities are important.

If the goal is to know the reason of your existence in this body, then what should one possess?

One should possess pure, clean, ripened Jna:na – the Swachh knowledge

How can one purify or cleanse or ripen Jna:na ?

Knowledge of self can only be cleansed with Knowledge of the Supreme

మానవ జ్ఞానానికి భగవద్ జ్ఞాననమొక్కటే శుద్ధి ద్రవ్యం

Cleansing agent for silver is muggu, the white powder used in Rangoli.
Cleansing agent for gold is turmeric.

Cleansing agent for knowledge is knowledge alone and nothing else.

Our knowledge is limited due to the bondage with body acquired over many lives. So, it is the Knowledge of God who is away from all this bondage that can cleanse our knowledge and elevate us to the plane that He is in. The plane where joy is our true state.

(Just like those little birds, we seek refuge of Supreme – His qualities, His form, His nature!)

Vedas describe God, the Souls (all of us), and the Nature (the panchabhuthas, pancha indriyas, manas, buddhi) to have existed forever. God is Superior to the souls and nature. However, His supremacy is dominated by His compassion. It is only up to us to realise this and approach Him for a helping hand to come out of the whirlpool of lives!

Sounds so simple, right? But – how strong is your belief in what Vedam says? You can only begin by trying it in your heart, a genuine desire is the first step to Swachh Knowledge and flawless joy!

Cleanse every thought so that it aligns with being grateful to that Supreme!

Cleanse every action so that it aligns with being happily connected to that Supreme!

Cleanse every word so that it aligns with being in love with that Supreme!

Don’t stop any of your activity, just start aligning them with this perspective…!

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Dhanurmasam 2019

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