Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji spoke at the United Nations General Assembly at a round table conference on sustainable development goals (SDG)aimed at peace and prosperity of the world.

Swamiji said, “Our common bond, this divine mother Earth is happy when all her children are working together with each other than trying to dominate and conquer. Inequality and discrimination based on several aspects prevail in world today because we are moving away from the basics of our existence.”

Under the guidance of Swamiji, the initiatives such as women health, schools for tribal children, education exclusively for visually challenged children are all addressing several thousands of lives with an intention to share ones’ fortune with the less fortunate, to alleviate ones’ pain earlier than later.  These activities are serving to inculcate within humanity the lost sense on the basics of our existence and bring awareness in right way to live for a peaceful community.

Concordia Summit at the UNGA appreciated the initiatives and sought wisdom from Swamiji with great reverence.