Homeopathy has been effective in treating ill children by strengthening their own immune system rather than killing the antibodies from an external source of medication.

To affirm this, JIMS inaugurated a research on comparing the conventional and homeopathic paradigms in collaboration with Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of Ayush – Governament of India and Centre for integrative and Complementary Medicine(Jerusalem). Director Oberbam from Israel also was present for the inauguration. On this day, the 20th of August 2018 –  great enthusiasm, hope and positivism filled the atmosphere.

“After all, when the sankalp is by Sri Swamiji, then the results will definitely be promising” – said, Health Minister Sriman Charlakola Lakshma Reddy, a former Homeopathic doctor himself!

Swamiji inaugurates a research project

It is a great initiative and a welcoming effort for the benefit of young parents whose hearts bleed to see their little ones in pain. The children must grow up building their immune system effectively to become healthy adults. Homeopathy aims to nurture the body’s own fighting mechanism. With this aim, several great doctors and true well-wishers are joining hands in the research.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s vision is to see that the suffering people have easy access to safer mode of treatment at long run in affordable costs. While educating the masses in enabling them to maintain health at root level through regulated right activities with right attitude, Swamiji also works day in and day out to provide direction for establishing right ways of treatment.

JIMS Hospital and Medical college are also progressing towards this objective where a remedy is targeted to treat the diseased and not the disease!

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