HH Swamiji in BIRATNAGAR(Nepal)

Chinnajeeyar Swamiji at NepalNepal invites Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, today’s icon of Vedic wisdom, and the true epitome of such wisdom in practice!

On the way, At Bagdodara airport, Devabrath Mitra, Director of UGC Academic College, North Bengal University, West Bengal greeted Swamiji.

At the Nepal Immigration office, Swamiji was welcomed and greeted by Customs officer Kiran Kafle.

Thousands poured in to receive the holy theertham from Swamiji. HH also consecrated the Deities of Lakshmi Narayana temple in the morning hours of 30th.

Swamiji was awarded ‘Uthama Nagarika Sanman’ from the Governement of Nepal. Viratnagar Mayor ( Bhim Parajuli )and Minister of Education and Social Development (Jeevan Ghimire ) cordially and respectfully presented the award to Swamji.

Swamiji said, ‘Whatever the value of this award is, please use it to build a good school that inculcates and teaches children not only science and technology, but also DHARMA and MORALS from our ancient wisdom. Let the children not be raised as mere machines!’

Such genuine gesture that every single one gave STANDING OVATION! Government officials accepted the proposal and the city is hopeful for happier, good hearted and intelligent children !

Swamiji inaugurated Biography of Lt. Prime Minister Sriman Nagender Prasad Rijal.

Kalyanam of the Divine Couple – Wisdom behind wedding revealed!

Kalyanam at NepalWhat does the divine union (kalyanam) of Sri Maha Lakshmi and Narayana mean? How do we become eligible to perform their kalyanam, wedding ? Why does the bride and groom pour sacred rice grains (akshathalu) on each other four times during the wedding ?

It was a beautiful event in Biratnagar, Nepal when hundreds of devotees assembled to watch Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji reveal the secrets of ancient Vedic wisdom, the base of all our existence !

Swamiji explained how God’s supremacy and compassion unite for the sake of protecting us holistically. This is what their union signifies…

We celebrate such union through the Kalyanam event of the Deities, like kids perform a wedding for their parents upon reaching 60 years age (out of love and gratitude)

The four times of Akshatharopana signify
1. happiness of all children (every single being) of the supreme couple
2. wealth for all the children of the divine couple
3. disciplined and dharmic life style for all the children
4. Any other wish for enhancing the happiness of the divine couple!

Chief Minister with Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in Biratnagar(Nepal)

Nepal Chief MinisterBiratnagar Chief Minister, Sriman Sher Dhan Rai paid obeisances to Swamiji in Maha Purnahuthi event at Yaga Sala. Swamiji explained how God’s grace always prevails and protects those who acts in accordance with Dharma.

Swamiji Himself lead Lakshmi Narayana Pra:na Prathishta, Kumbha Prokshana and first aaradhana (puja) of the temple in Biratnagar!

16 children got initiated into Ved Vidya through Upanayanam.

The last but not least is the happiness in the hearts of all the people who are enjoying the Vedic wisdom in Nepali language from Swamiji. HH is “learning” the language so beautifully from the locals and utilizing it to convey the rich Vedic secrets to all the locals.

Some Nepali audience said l, “Its like a little baby speaking flawless Vedic wisdom when swami speaks Nepali”

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at Nepal
-From the event at Biratnagar, Nepal
-30th and 31st March 2019

Divine Couple