• What is the connection between Vedas and Homepathy?
    • What are the two factors that constitute the health of a person?
    • What distinguishes Homeopathy from other systems of medicine?
    • What should be the next steps for doctors of Homepathy?

Scientific Collaboration

Srimad Bhagavatham says,

ఆమయో యేన భూతానాం జాయతే యస్చ సువ్రత|
తదేవహ్యామయం ద్రవ్యం న పునాతి చికిత్సితమ్ || ” (1st skanda, 1st chapter, 33rd sloka)

Whatever causes a disease in a body can also cure it (when taken in right proportions). This is exactly what Homeopathy believes in, ‘Law of Similars’.

Chandogya Upanishad in 6th prapatakam states, “అన్నమయం హి సోమ్య మనహ, ఆపొమయ ప్రాణహ, తేజోమయీ వాగితీ |

The body, the mind, the intellect, the life force and the speaking ability are all dependant on the food that is taken in. The two main factors that contribute to the feel experienced by the life force of a body are: thought and food.

When we can educate everyone on regulating the intake of food and the thoughts in a person, then we can keep ones ‘overall health’ in harmony with the universal tide! When someone is ill, it is not the diseased body part that speaks but it is the person who speaks. So, one should focus on treating the life force that is feeling the pain along with treating the part that aches. Such holistic treatment is the goal of Homeopathy.

The founder of Homeopathy, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann spent 15 years in Allopathy stream of medicine. He recognised that it does not treat the person holistically and hence gave life to Homeopathy. He spent 49 years experimenting Homeo medicines on himself and discovered 100 medicines.

Remembering him, World celebrates the birth of Homeopathy on April 9th and 10th every year by conducting such seminars and conventions. Let the goal of all this effort be properly fulfilled. We should work towards getting this cost-effective, painless and effective treatment in reach to all people. We should have the research team stronger that will scientifically prove this medication. This is not pseudo medicine. It is real, proven and alive with the people who have been benefiting from the medicines, including myself!

All systems of medicine can be used depending on the situation. But let’s tell the world how greatly Homeopathy system of medicine aligns with the natural system. It can treat several ailments with less pain and no side-effects.

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
-World Scientific Convention on Homeopathy

– April 10th, Dr. Ambedkar International Center, Janapath
– New Delhi, organised by CCRH and Ministry of Ayush

“Your knowledge and understanding on Homeopathy can put any homeopath to shame! You have such a deep clarity on the subject. This is such a spirit pleasing talk! Thank you Swamiji”, said the event co-coordinator, Sriman Rajmanchanda!