Gateway to the Greatest Way

This year, Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam started on the 27th of November. Shall we try to understand what the transition from Ka:rthika ma:sam to Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam means to us?  [sira means head; marg means path, Ma:rgasi:rsha means best among the paths/ways]

Two Wicks in a Diya

Have you ever wondered why we light deepam with two wicks? Why do we use oil? Do you also wonder about the purpose of this “old-fashioned” process when electric lights are available in various beautiful forms and colours?

Power of Veda Mantras

Do you all remember those days when Ramayan was telecasted every Sunday at 9:30am? Some people used to lit up a diya, and break a coconut at the end of the show every Sunday to take away the evil