Who is a Sadhu?

This is an important question we must ponder on and get the answer right. Sadhus form the base of a critical task, keeping all of us safe and happy. Let’s therefore try to know who these sadhus are and

Mother Sitha’s Prayer to Godavari River

As Sitha Devi crossed the Godavari river along with Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Guha, she prayed to the river for her safe return to Ayodhya! She offered a heart-felt grand harathi to the river. She bathed in the waters

Jatayu- The Bird who knew it’s ancestors

When you ask a 10 year old or younger, studying in a uptown school, about his ancestors, he would probably parrot talk about Darwin’s theory. That basically envisions human race developing from apes. That’s what most of us are imprinted