Srimad Ramanuja’s Tirunakshatram was celebrated in the right and the most righteous way, when a group of Vikasa Tarangini Volunteers visited the Harijanawada.

The village was buzzing with people immersed in their work and a section of youth indulging themselves in a lazy play of cards.

Everybody’s attention was steered towards the volunteers when they started talking about their purpose of their visit.

The volunteers talked at length about Srimad Ramanuja and his message. This act motivated one of the youths to come and speak his interest in Bhagavad Gita and made an earnest request to spread the message.

The volunteers canvased in 7 such areas. About 9 people could the required medical attention. This was truly a remarkable service to God! and rightfully due to the blessings of out beloved Acharya!

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