We are all very used to the word, ‘Thank you’! Little kids say, ‘Thank you’ when we gift them toys! Adults say, ‘Thank you’ to their colleagues, friends, bosses every time they feel the gratitude. Sometimes, the word ‘Thank you’ is not enough. We want to do more in action. And there could be instances where we don’t feel complacent even through an action, we want to give ourselves fully to the person.

The extent to which we feel gratitude depends on how big the favour is and how much it has changed our life. If your ‘Thank you’ reaches the receiver’s ear, then it means that your experience of the favour is only surface deep. If your ‘Thank you’ reaches the receiver’s heart, then it means that your experience of the favour is deeper. If your ‘Thank you’ reaches the receiver himself, (i.e. soul) then it means that your experience of the favour is even deeper. Ultimately, if your ‘Thank you’ reaches the Supreme power that resides within the receiver, then it means that your experience of the favour is fully complete! So, did u receive any favour that made you feel fully complete so far?

Take a minute and count your favors and the depth of those favours. See what level have they impacted you? How many ears, hearts, souls are in the list? 😊 Did you receive any favours that enabled you to reach the paramathma, the Supreme soul, God.

We want to share with you the story of a great acharya who has done a HUGE favour to everyone. Let’s see how. We accept favours/help from friends, family, nature, etc everyday. But, he made us all realise that it is internally God’s work to get you all those favours. Vedas also recommended that we teach this fact to your manas. Train it to respond to those favours as an act of gratitude to the Supreme power, God. Being grateful to everyone with this knowledge in mind can make your life magically beautiful and a worthy human life.

How do we train the manas for it?

The Taittiriya Upanishad says, ‘Tan mana ityupa:sita m:anavaan bhavathi’. Empty the manas. It is like a cup filled with ego. To empty it, reverse the cup named manas. According to grammatical rules in Sanskrit, manaha when reversed becomes namaha (Na maha – Not me!). If you can reverse the manas this way, you are automatically wiping off ‘I’ (ego). Then, one can fill it up with valuable stuff called the grace of God. And the technical term for this solution in Sanskrit isSaranagati’ or Surrender to God.

Ramanujacharya travelled 18 times to Tiruko:shtiyur Nambi to receive and understand the meaning of Mantra, the gem of all mantras. Understanding the significance of the mantra, He did not even think a second to reveal it to everyone without any discrimination. He was ready to accept hell for disobeying his master (Tiruko:shtiyur Nambi), who instructed him to not give the mantra to anyone whom he hasn’t tested/examined. He stood upon the top of the tower and gave it to the world. Ramanujacharya said, “If the entire world is redeemed of suffering and if I have to go to hell for that, then I accept it with joy.” The audarayam, magnanimity of his heart is so great everyone including his Tiruko:shtiyur Nambi accepted Him to be the greatest of all, Em-peruma:na:r (one who is greater than him).

So, isn’t it time to be grateful to that Acharya who has given us the Biggest Gift/Biggest favour – ‘The True Knowledge of God’? For many people until then, the Knowledge of God was in flaw. Most people were under the impression that Soul and Supreme Soul are the same entities because of the incorrect interpretation of ‘Aham Bramha:smi’. Even today, all those who believe that ‘self’ is ‘supreme’ – please make a note of this.

Ramanujacharya revealed that there are three separate entities: Nature, Soul, and Supreme soul. This knowledge of God releases us from suffering forever and opens the door for freedom guided by the kindness of God. Where as the knowledge of God and Soul being equivalent makes one arrogant and keeps one bonded to the world of limitations.

In Thiruvaymozhi, Nammazhvar says (3.9.9) => va:navar na;ttaiyum nee kandukol endru veedum tharum nindru nindre. If we understand what we are, God then hands over the entire universe/existence to this soul and not just this world.  Instead of understanding this, we are deluded in drawing boundaries and limiting ourselves saying things as this is mine, that is yours etc. This is the secret that Swami Ramanuja revealed to us! That is why the ‘ Statue of Equality ’ is coming up in JIVA! Relish the true knowledge, connect with our true ancient flawless Vedic wisdom!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Coimbatore, 12th November 2018

(Event Summary: Coimbatore, 12th November 2018 – Swamiji educated the inquisitive gathering on what it means to Surrender to God. In brief, the extent to which you show the gratitude towards God reflects how well you surrendered to Him.

Shyamala Varadarajan ji has invited Swamiji to bless the several children who have been attending classes on Vedic heritage, Prajna. Beautiful gathering, enriching atmosphere filled the air .. ! Swamiji hasn’t visited Coimbatore since 2004 and the crowd was overwhelmed and felt elated with the presence of Swamiji.)

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