The vastness of God and His creation, is so great that it is not in our capacity to comprehend the beginning or end even when thoroughly explained. This understanding is beyond any magnitude numbers, dimensions and even time itself! Even through the size and immensity of cosmic creation, we know God exists to support and control it. Yet, he remains unknown and inaccessible! 

God chooses to appear to us at his own will. He descends to Earth in all His magnificence and becomes easily accessible to us in specific, all powerful forms – like the Archa Murthy which is a deity form of the same God with all power and innumerable auspicious qualities! And when He does manifest Himself in that form, He brings along a powerful story for His appearance to increase our faith and focus.

He often comes for the sake of devotees  like Dhruva, Ambareesha, Prahlada  and in the process He shows us the meaning and purpose of human life. He helps us develop an understanding of true devotion, love, and compassion by way of worship and setting good intentions. He creates and establishes a system for preservation and continuity through Acharyas like Sri Ra:manujacarya.

Once, over 2 million years ago, this same Lord of the universe descended on to  the earth as a wild white boar called Swe:tha Varaha on the Hills of Tirumala using an Arch like rock formation known as  “Sila Tho:ranam” as an entry point. Archeologists have dated the arch to nearly 1.5 million years, so they’re getting close!

Since then, He always appeared to His devotees as Srinivasa along with His divine airplane “A:nanda Vima:nam” near a pond called “Swamy Pushkarini” on these hills.

He set foot on the hills and chose the “Archa Murthy” or the Deity form of Sri Venkateshwara  Srinivasa to stay here on the divine Tirumala Hills and bless us all until the end of this era “Kaliyuga”.   

The Tirumala Hills

The divine Tirumalamountain  range stretches across 7 beautiful hills. These hills were personally brought by Swamy from His divine abode Paramapadam. The hills there were actually his ‘personal playground’. 

Hence they are known as “Krida:dri” (a playground).  Devotees, Dcelestial beings  like Lord Siva, his son Skanda, devathas like Va:yude:va, and so many others did penance for Lord Srinivasa on these hills where God appeared and blessed them. 

When Swamy chooses to appear for His devotees, on these Hills, He does so using His flight Ananda Vima:nam, which our sacred texts say takes off vertically like a helicopter! Swamy always chose a particular place for His darshan – near the pond Swamy-Pushkarini. 

Swamy Pushkarini

This is one many auspicious ponds on the hills.  The pond is a creation of God that he personally brought from his eternal abode, Paramapadam. The pond, there, was known as Aira Madam. Our scriptures say, when a soul leaves the body and moves towards the highest abode Paramapadam, it crosses the divine Viraja River.  It dips in the river, sheds its subtle body (including the mind, ego, intelligence, and seed matter) and obtains another divine body. 

The body is embellished with ornaments by other liberated beings and would dip in the Aira Madam pond. When the soul finally comes out of the pound, eagle Garuda would carry the soul to God in Paramapadam

The Brahmotsavam – started by Lord Brahma

During one of God’s appearances on these hills, He manifested Himself in Vigraha Roopam to Lord Brahma.  Brahma was so overjoyed to receive the blessings of God, that he began to worship Him with great devotion and festivity. The celebrations started by Brahma, have been followed by us as a ‘Brahmotsavam’ in Tirumala. During the ‘utsavam’, God in His deity form, is made to ascend various beautifully decorated vehicles like Garuda, Gaja, Hanuman, Adi Se:sha, a Tree (Kalpavruksham)

and many others, to show us that He is the master and ruler all this creation of all beings in all forms!

The glory of God and His pastimes are innumerable. Let’s bask in His glories and spread this joy to others.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami speak about Thirumala Venkateswara Swamiji and the Hills at Houston, USA 

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
17th Dec, 2019

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