All of us aim for success at what we are working on. The flavour of success is richer at the end of a task, but it’s taste can be relished throughout the journey. Sri Krushna gave a beautiful clue to making success your constant companion.

yathah pravrutthir bhu:tha:na:m
ye:na sarvam idam thatham |
svakarmana: tham abhyarchya
siddhim vindathi ma:navaha ||

Sloka 46, Mo:ksha sanya:sa yo:gaha

Each one of us represent a unique power! Nourish that inherent power with all required abilities. Conduct duties sincerely thanking God for the opportunity. Allocate time and energy in incrementally improving your knowledge and love for God, the source of everything!

This is the key to a successful life!

Any other method can only give us the taste of success in its incomplete state. Unless and until one knows and practises this truth about serving the core cause of the existence, God – the taste of success will remain partial.

This is exactly how Kulashekhara a:lwar lead his life. He took care of his kingdom so well that all the ministers wanted him to be their King for as long as possible. While this is the case, he was also a great devotee and always longed to visit Sri Rangam. The distance between his place in Kerala and Sri Rangam was about 1000km. All the ministers were worried that he may not return to Kerala after he sees the beauty of Lord Ranganatha in Sri Rangam. So, they designed a plan to keep him in the kingdom.

Every day, they arranged for a good artist to sing the history of Sri Rama in the kingdom. The king would get so involved that he forgets the trip planned to Sri Rangam. One day, the singer was describing the incident where 14,000 rakshasas came to fight with Sri Rama. The king immediately got up the seat and ordered the commander-in-chief to get ready with army to fight in support of Rama. The ministers had to act and inform the king that ‘We have received confirmation that Rama had won and, so it is not necessary’. The king then withdrew his orders. Now that he is happy about Rama being safe, the king resumes his planning to Sri Rangam. The cycle repeats! :) Such was the depth of king’s involvement and tenderness of his heart. He is a perfect example of how greatly he performed his duty while being beautifully in love with qualities of God. He has written the beautiful, Mukunda Mala sthotram.

Smt. Madhavi ji and Sriman Ramanujam ji also have been following Kulashekar a:lwar. The couple are beautifully balancing their normal day to day routine with their passion to serve acharyas through dance!

They have lead teams of great dancers who performed across the world about the greatness of Ramanuja 108 times! Magnificent efforts.

Speaking of dance, do you know who can be called the king of dance?

Krushna danced beautifully for the first time during his fight with Chanura and Mushtika. He then awed the entire gokulam with ghata nrutyam (dance with 7 pots in each hand and on the head, nicely beating on a drums tied to his waist while inter-changing the 7 pots from one hand to another). All the gopikas lured him with butter for the great Krushna’s dance! He then mesmerised everyone with dance on Kalindi snake in Yamuna river! Who else is the King of Dance! He has mastered it so well that Lord Shiva himself asked him to judge the dance performance of Himself and Parvati Devi at Chidambaram…!

Any art should enable a person to:

➢ Experience various sweet and rich qualities of God
➢ Inspire society in practising dharma
➢ Motivate people in standing guard for the country

 Smt. Madhavi ji and Sriman Ramanujam ji are encouraging their students to take this good direction. May all the artists utilise their skills in serving right practises(dharm), nation (de:s) and the ultimate source of all arts – God!

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Feb 17th 2019

Swamiji has gracefully accepted their invite to inaugurate a new centre of arts of culture named ‘Natyalayam’ at Nagole.

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