The Sahasra Kalashabhishekam event, held in Cary, North Carolina was a Splendid success. Highlighting the event, Sponsors received a Kalisam that has a rare/unique design made of out Pancha Lohas. Point be noted is that, the material used for making the Kalisams is the same material used for Statue of Equality, making it auspicious and lasting for generations to come. Speaking at this propitious event, Swami enlightened the many devotees, the story of Saint Dhanurdas.

Dhanurdas was a Young man from Srirangam, He was enchanted by his beautiful wife, Ponnachiyar’s eyes. So much so that, when she wished to see Chithhra Festival, He walked her side by side and held his hand over her head to screen her enchanting eyes from sun rays. People laughed at them but that didn’t deter him from devoting himself to his wife’s beauty.

Witnessing them was the saint Srimath Ramanujacharya. Seeing such overt, public display of enslavement to his wife’s beauty, He summoned Dhanurdas and challenged him that he would show eyes that were the most enchanting than any in this whole world.

Dhanurdas followed Acharya to Ranganatha Swamy temple. And there, Swami presented the Eyes that stuck Dhanurdas at once. He became a slave to the eyes and beauty of Ranganatha. He dowsed himself ever enchanting beauty of Lord Ranganatha and thus became the one of the greatest Bha:gavathas who’s devotion to Lord Ranganatha was considered to be on par with that of a:zhwars.

No one is perfect, Everyone has some frailty that is often ridiculed. If this frailty is properly addressed, it could be transformed in to a greatest strength. And that’s exactly what Sri Ramanujacharya did to saint Dhanurdas.

                                                                                                     – From the teachings of Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Cary, NC

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