Mudras as you all know, are specific hand gestures, that can help us channelize the flow of the energy in the body. Coming back to the question, which is that famous Mudra that can also teach us the ultimate motive of our lives? Read on to find out.

Ok, before we actually dive deeper in to answers, Let’s do a drill.

  • Rajas(Passion,Arrogance, Desire): The soul gets bound to humanly attachments.
  • Thamas(Ignorance, Delusion, lethargy): The soul gets bound to carelessness, sleep and indolence.
  • Sattva(Pure, Illuminating): Binds the soul to ultimate happiness and knowledge

Also as you know,

  • Jeevathma –is The Soul
  • Parmathma- is The Supreme Creator.

Now, picture out the five fingers of our hand as they stand for three Gunas, Jeevathma and Paramathma.

Index finger is the Jeevathma, i.e The Soul in the human body

Middle finger is the ThamoGunam(Thamas); The index finger(Soul) is closer to Middle finger (Thamas ) , so can easily reach(acquire) it.

Ring finger symbolizes the RajoGuna(Rajas);Here too, index finger(soul) is closer to ring finger and can easily reach(acquire) it.

Little finger is the SathvaGunam; Its Proximity is far from the Index finger and hard to reach without any help.

Now how should the Jeevathma(soul)reach/acquire the little finger, i.e., the SatvaGuna, which is the ticket to Moksha: and realization of Paramathma?

Then Answer is- Yes you guessed it right. Many of you must have already tried to touch the little finger with the index finger, but with a little help from the Thumb; Which symbolizes the God Himself.

One would always need the help from the Thumb, without which none of the other fingers are practically functional. This is the idea behind the Jnana: Mudra

Many of us practice and put in elaborate and strenuous practices to appease god, so he can make our wishes come true, but what we actually need is, to realize Him and His presence in every practice, infact in everything we do.

– From the teachings of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi ChinnaJeeyar Swami

On occasion of Dhanurmasam 2019