Addressing a very interactive and energetic crowd in Chennai, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji spoke about a green light that every single one of us should be aware of. Only when this green light is turned on, the magic begins! Want to know what this light is all about? Want to know what traffic will be lead by the green light?

More than 5,000 years ago, this one little girl was able to sing the essence of Vedas in 30 songs – now widely revered as Thiruppavai! She then united herself permanently with the supreme power that controls the entire existence. Her enormous love towards that supreme power filled her heart with the knowledge on secrets of the creation, the secrets of sustenance, secrets of dissolution and finally the secrets of liberation from the cycle of pains and pleasures.

Her utmost belief in archa murthi, the Deity form of God, opened doors to true joy!

Krushna Himself said in Bhagavad Githa 4.6

అజొ పిసన్ అవ్యయాత్మా భూతానా మీశ్వరొ పిసన్|
ప్రకృతిం స్వామధిష్ఠాయ సంభవా మ్యాత్మమాయయా||

Krushna said, “Whatever form I may take, I will always possess qualities that are unique to me – the eternally supreme, ever youthful, and forever pure”

The little girl, Andal completely believed that the Deity form has all such supreme qualities. Therefore, God revealed himself in the same form that she believed in. Because, when God exists everywhere and anywhere, why not the the Deity form? The difference between all other objects and Deity form is that all other objects are given a name and have a purpose. Therefore, we see the object with that defined scope. However, as the agama scriptures declare – the Deity form is specially accepted by God to give us a means to experience his full accessibility!

Andal happily spoke to Deity and expected Him to listen to all she said. She demanded that He accept her to His abode. He simply met her expectations! The beauty lies with the simplicity of her path – the pure love and the complete belief. She became a leading light for everyone, the Green Light! She said, ‘ulaginil thotramaai nindra sudar’ in one of her songs meaning, God accepted this tirumeni (the Deity form) for us!

God simply looks for the ‘Green Light’ (i.e. our willingness to follow Andal’s lead) within each of us. If God notices that willingness in us, then He uses it as a Green Light to shower His grace on us. Because, she simply tied Him up with her love.

Our prayers towards ‘His unconditional accessibility and Her pure devotion’ is all that needs to blossom, grow, reap fruits within us as well!

Imagine your body is the train that is carrying you. The engine of the body is God. The Green Light that signals the engine to move the body towards the final destiny is our Andal, Goda Devi !

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
-20th Jan 2019, Chennai
-Goda Kalyanam Event

Swamiji shared with the audience another historical incident where the Deity form responded to a human. This incident was between ‘Andal’ (after she appeared as Deity) and Ramanujacharya as a human. She called out to Ramanujacharya as ‘Anna’ from her sanctum sanctorum when He offered a service to Sundarabahu Swami on her behalf to show her gratitude. The time difference between them is close to 4,000 years!

Swamiji also shared with the audience how one of the pasurams of Goda Devi’s Thiruppavai has the power to shower rains. Back in 2014, Cauvery river was very dry. The local community in Sri Rangam requested for the recitation of ‘aazi malai kannapasuram for 3 full days. Within 24 hours of completing the prayer, the river was filled with rains!

Sri Raghuvarendra Theertha Swamiji, Pertadhipathi of Sri Bhimanakatte Matah, Thirtahalli of Karnataka also attended the event!

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