What makes God ‘virat’ (majestic)?

Let’s take a simple analogy. Imagine you visited a friend’s place who pets a dog. As soon as you entered the place, the dog began barking and scratching you. The purpose of your visit is to spend time with your friend. You cannot afford to waste time, and at the same time, the dog cannot be sent out. What would you do? Would you continue to calm the dog yourself or would you seek help of your friend to soothe the dog? First option is challenging, time-consuming, requires learning and is risky. Second option is wise and serves your purpose.

Lord Krishna says…

bhu:mi ra:po:nalo: va:yuhu
kham mano: buddhir e:va cha|
ahamka:ra ithi:yam me:
bhinna: prakruthir ashtadha:||      

apare:yam, ithasth vanya:m
prakruthim viddhi me: para:m|
ji:va bhu:tha:m maha:ba:ho:!
  yaye:dam dha:ryathe: jagath||

Prakruthi exists in 8 forms: the pancha bhuthas (air, land, fire, space, and water), manasbuddhi, ahamkara. I control this prakruthi.

The prakruthi defined above is inferior to another prakruthi which is of the form, ji:va shakti (the living souls). This is superior, and belongs to me.

Bhagavad Gita, Jna:na vijna:na yo:gaha,
Chapter 7, verse 4 and 5

Just like the friend owns the dog, God owns the nature (prakrthi). God chooses to be your (jeevatma) friend (despite being superior in every way). He knows the qualities and characteristics of the dog (nature). He can keep the dog away from you (he can teach you how to align yourself with nature). He can help you continue with your work undisturbed by the dog (nature). 

Everything will work out well if you approach God because He is superior to you and to the nature you live in!

What happens when you pray? Does God automatically solve your problem?

No, that is not the way God works. He enables you to solve your problem. He can guide over your manas (refer to mano: in the sloka above) and hence He enhances your mental strength to cope up with any situation. He boosts up your wisdom (refer to buddhir in the sloka above) to make right choices. He supports you through a right idea or a good strategy from someone around you to overcome a tough situation. The prayer does not magically or automatically solve your problem. He works from within you and from around you to strengthen you. He is therefore majestic!

Sa:stra states:
Na deva:ha yashti ma:daya rakshanthi pasupa:lavath
Yamhi rakshitu micchanthi budhya: samyo:jayanthi tham

A herdsman takes care of his cattle by constantly keeping an eye on them. That is not how God takes care of us. Whomever God decides to support, He will enable them with right buddhi (intellect) and ensure that they progress in the right direction.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Sri Virat Venkateswara Swami Prathishta
– 4 th and 5 th March 2020
Alankhan Palle Village, Kadapa Dist

Virat Venkateswara

Kata means sins,
Ve:m means to burn,
E:sha means supreme.
Ve:nkate:swara means one who is supreme in burning all the sins.

There could be other devathas such as Sun, Indra, Rudra, Bramha who can also burn some of the sins you have committed using their power. But, Ve:kate:swara is the one who gives them such power. Therefore, He is the most Supreme. Sriman Veda Vyasa ji (an ardent resident devotee of this village) wanted Sri Venkateswara Swami to look at darsaneveryone with His divine eyes standing at 81 feet high.

His intention is that no one misses from the sight of Venkateswara Swami through this Deity form.

It’s wonderful that the entire village has come together in creating a divine atmosphere reflectig the majestic nature of God. It is only with the grace and compassion of God that one can live in peace and joy, every other means can give only temporary relief.