His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said, ‘Sriman N.C.Raghunathacharya Swami is the Line of Authority when it comes to understanding Vedic philosophy in the entire country! His clear understanding of Vedic scriptures is brilliant! What is even more brilliant is the ease with which he can teach and convey the meanings of the scriptures! The words he chooses depict the meaning of the scripture in exact sense. His command over Sanskrit language is beautiful.

He sowed seeds of true devotion in hearts of many people in the entire southern India ranging from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and more. Several devotees across the world call Raghunathacharya Swami for spiritual and scriptural guidance. His simple life is exemplary.

While he is not with us in the physical form anymore, the 76 extra-ordinary books that he had written explaining Vedic literature contain his soul! Many of his students are scholars and will continue to carry his glory. His wonderful books on Vishnu Sahsra Namam, Sri Bhashyam and all should exist in every household. Having him as the first recipient of Gopalopayanam Award conferred to great Vedanthic scholars every year is a remarkable honour to our organization.

He received many notable achievements, awards, recognition from government and public. He never stopped following even the simplest routine as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures till the last minute. His heart was always tied up to sampradayam. His devotion to God and lineage of acharyas of Sri Vyshanava philosophy is seen in every breath he takes, every act he does, and every move he makes. Let us all remember this great soul and try to take a few steps in his path of simple living, and strict adherence to scriptural assets.’


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