How should we actually understand the “monotheist” nature of the Supreme Being? And how should we pray to “Anya De:vathas” ? Lets say, you are participating in a Ya:gam or the doer of the Ya:gam. What should be your thinking while pouring offerings to anya de:vathas who are part of the sacrifice?

Just like how we identify a body part with its bearer and realize that there is a someone who owns that part; Same way, we must see all De:vathas as “God who has that de:vatha on HIM as HIS part”  

So, if you are worshipping any de:vatha – say Rudra, then we must think in our hearts.

This de:vatha is part of the Supreme Being. I am offering my services to this “angam”. May my prayers and offerings reach to please the “angi”

When we learn to worship properly, without forgetting the owner and controller of all living entities (deva:tas as well), we are on the right path. The devata:s Rudra and Bramha are all like a family. If we think that the offerings are actually reaching the “head of the family”, then there is nothing wrong.

But it becomes very wrong, if one does not understand this and continues to worship or conduct in a way that causes the concept of the “ONE God” to be lost !   


  1. One who realizes that the Sarve:shwara – Srimannaaraya is the only Supreme Being;
  2. One who knows that the entire creation is HIS body;
  3. One who worships any de:vatha as HIS body;

Such a person’s love for God and thoughts are true and real.  We should never disrespect any de:vatha. No de:vatha is bad. But we must learn to honour them all as different parts of the Supreme Being’s transcendental body.

In Bhagavad Githa Swamy said :

ye:pyanya de:vatha bhaktha yajanthe shraddhaya:nvitha:ha

the:pi ma:me:va kounthe:ya yajanthi avidhipu:rvakam

Whatever a person may offer to other de:vathas, O son of Kunti, is really meant for Me alone, but it is offered without true understanding (avidhipu:rvakam)

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji