Our every visit to temple concludes with three important activities,receiving theerdam (divine water or other forms of fluid that was utilized in the service of the presiding Deity), Sataari and prasadam (all offerings submitted to God as an act of devotion to the presiding Deity).

What about sataari? There is divine thread that runs between Nammalwar and Sataari! Let’s know how and why!

Nammalwar lead his 32 years of life meditating the Divine Qualities (the Kalyana Gunas) of God. He wrote about 1296 hymns on Lord Vishnu and his avatars during his life time. And Sataari that represents God’s lotus feet is Nammalwar himself.

How can a person become God’s feet?!

It is said in Vedas, that whatever one rotes-on/remembers during the final stage of life, one becomes that in his next life.

యో యో యా నో
యం యం వాపి స్మరన్ భావం
త్యజథి అంతే కలేబరం
తం తమేవ ఏతి
(Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8, Verse 6)

“Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his present body,  he will attain to that state in his next body without fail.”

If you rote-on money during your last stage, you become money in your after life

If you rote-on becoming a minister, you’ll become a minister in next life.

It is said that Namalwar’s heart was love-stuck with the Lotus feet of God. And all he did was, meditate, think, thrive on Lord’s feet. During his final breath of life, He said, to me Nothing matters, but to take the refuge at His feet and So he became One.

Lord decreed upon people that henceforth, His lotus feet be renamed after Satari/Sadagopan. Hence your head is adorned with His lotus feet through the Sadagopam.

Can we attain this glory?

One would probably think it’s easy to take Lord’s name during your final sojourn and we too can attain this glory. Although it sounds easy, it isn’t so. Just imagine yourself in a hospital, and with complex hospital machinery jarring around you, slew of doctors, nurses gaping at you, trying their best to save you. Sounds quite unachievable task, Isn’t it?

There is an interesting anecdote around this.

There was a wealthy merchant blessed with seven sons and seven daughters. He toiled his life, lived prudently for the sake of his children. As a result, he could present each one with a grocery shop to look after and earn from it. On his final day, when he knew he was going to die, he called on each of son, daughter-in –law, daughter and son-in-law and their children, and each one was present with him. Instead of being happy, he died worrying none of them were present at the shop he lovingly presented his children.

Therefore, although you feel that Lord’s name comes easy to one’s mind’s horizon, it is not necessary you will be able to take His name in your last breath.

One needs to become a creature of habit to take Lord’s name, that’s one way. One must become a యోగి భవార్జున, as Ramanuja said, in order to attain this glory. Make His name a norm in your life. While you move, groove, eat, sleep, take his name. While you work, walk, talk, take his name. Take His name, to the point of your subconscious levels, then you’ll achieve this glory.

– From the teachings of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

-15th June 2019, 5th Brahmotsavam of Ramalayam at Kurnool

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