Yashoda Hospitals Chairman, great doctor and humanitarian, Sriman G.S.Rao ji invited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to address the first world Endoscopic Surgery conference at Park Hayat, Hyderabad. Dr. Sukumar Suri who performed more than 600 Endoscopic surgeries and over 3000 brain and spine surgeries was awed at the insight Swamiji has provided at the gathering.

Here’s a brief excerpt of Swamiji’s message for all our dear readers!

Upanishad says, ‘శతాంచ ఏకాచ హృదయస్య నాడ్యహ’

[There are 101 knowledge channels connected to pivotal part of the heart. One channel connects at the top frame of the heart, and the remaining 100 connect to the either sides of the heart.]

To each one of these 101 knowledge channels (jna:na na:di), there are 72000 sub-channels which are connected to the spine. These are the channels from where wisdom flows. The bottom part of the spine, coccyx (at the tailbone) is the base of the entire power. A wisdom hub exists here and is called kundalini. This has a channel from the bottom of the spine to the brain. The channel that goes to the left is called Ida (controls mental abilities, and the channel that goes to the right is Pingala (controls pranic/vital abilities). The channel that goes upward is sushumna. 

The Spine and the Spirit

When one can activate each of these hubs through yoga, pranayama and mantra such as O:m, one will be able to treat certain disorders that creep into body such as the L3, L4 spine segments and more. 

Doctors must take such inputs from scriptures as well and do a holistic study which can aid them in supporting patients who may not need surgery. There are also other systems such as acupressure which can heal some major disc alignment issues in a span of one and half minute.

While not every issue can be healed through a single method, we must encourage knowledge sharing within the systems and make it easier for those who are suffering. In this entire learning, ancient Vedic wisdom acts as a ‘spine’ because great doctors and humanitarians like Sriman G.S Rao of Yashoda always rightly state: 

I dress the wound, God heals it

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 12 th July, Yashoda Hospitals
– World Endoscopic Surgery Conference